Magic Deck Statistics
2 minutes ago · Standard
4 minutes ago · Modern
hudinidini liked the deck Demigod (WIP)
5 minutes ago
BGConglomagic created a new deck: Aristocratas puro
6 minutes ago · Standard
6 minutes ago · Casual
9 minutes ago · Modern
13 minutes ago · Standard
UFrogg created a new deck: Merfolk (WIP)
15 minutes ago · Modern
18 minutes ago · Standard
BNick-olBolas created a new deck: Rat Attack
19 minutes ago
20 minutes ago · Casual
Sarkhan10 liked the deck druids
21 minutes ago
GUngestüm created a new deck: Deck
22 minutes ago
WRederfranz created a new deck: Burn
22 minutes ago · Modern
URngaga42 created a new deck: blue red eldrazi (WIP)
23 minutes ago
WBGCarloPedersoli created a new deck: Doran Treefolk
29 minutes ago · Casual
WBRboomerangkevin created a new deck: Mardu Thopter Silence (WIP)
31 minutes ago · Standard
Rdavidcasan created a new deck: Slivers Budget
31 minutes ago · Legacy
URGPezza created a new deck: URG Combo
33 minutes ago · Pauper
BCarloPedersoli created a new deck: Mono B Destroy
41 minutes ago · Casual
42 minutes ago · Standard
RGlsytem created a new deck: gruul aggro ramp
56 minutes ago
WUFrogg created a new deck: White Immortal (WIP)
57 minutes ago · Modern
WBRGMorsx created a new deck: Green Mardu
an hour ago · Standard
WRGJamesDeck1 created a new deck: Naya Zoo
an hour ago · Modern
URManthros created a new deck: Myr Control (WIP)
an hour ago · Modern
an hour ago · Standard
an hour ago · Modern
yuven created a new deck: some cards for ramp (WIP)
an hour ago
an hour ago · Standard

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