Magic Deck Statistics
MrDorlok created a new deck: Can't kill horror!
32 minutes ago
kezhang commented on the deck Vorel of the Hull Clade
40 minutes ago · "Like this deck a lot, just [url=http://www.mtg-..."
43 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
keredrex created a new deck: Bruna online deck
50 minutes ago
Rajj created a new deck: Izzifact
58 minutes ago
og.wiz created a new deck: tempo geist
58 minutes ago
OB created a new deck: Post-Rotation Big Red
60 minutes ago · Standard
Today, 07:46:20
Laf67 commented on the deck Such a strange deck
Today, 07:46:12 · "Cool deck, but would it ever win a game?"
KingofCatan created a new deck: Red Blue God Deck
Today, 07:35:33
Today, 07:25:09
Stephen7117 commented on the deck Such a strange deck
Today, 07:24:47 · "Very awesome deck.  I mean really... it�..."
Today, 07:11:18 · Standard
theEMP created a new deck: m15 Draft 08/19/2014
Today, 06:48:57
Aldrich created a new deck: Mono Red Budget
Today, 06:38:21
Today, 06:35:48
Zetoastedbagel created a new deck: Sliver EDH
Today, 06:31:25 · EDH / Commander
Today, 06:28:26
GrimNotepad created a new deck: Swing First!
Today, 06:27:57 · Standard
Today, 06:21:57 · EDH / Commander
majikman111 created a new deck: Charge counters
Today, 06:16:03
Specternick created a new deck: Izzet
Today, 06:15:37 · Modern
Today, 06:06:34 · Modern
xcman380 created a new deck: Ajani deck v2.0
Today, 06:02:00
Today, 06:01:05 · Modern
Today, 05:58:36
Today, 05:57:44
Today, 05:51:53 Build and analyze your Magic deck!

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