Magic Deck Statistics
3 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
tullarys created a new deck: Untitled Deck (WIP)
17 minutes ago
Magicsw created a new deck: Sultai villanous
24 minutes ago · Modern
Nadere created a new deck: How to mess up an EDH
31 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
36 minutes ago
JTimmins wrote the post Blue/Black Mill
45 minutes ago
51 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
54 minutes ago · Modern
drowned_ created a new deck: Untitled Deck (WIP)
59 minutes ago
BL3IZ created a new deck: U/B MILL
Today, 20:55:21 · Modern
Tombstalker created a new deck: gw
Today, 20:47:03
Odino created a new deck: Mazzo soldati bianco
Today, 20:38:59
Today, 20:31:23 · Standard
nyiura69 created a new deck: god deck
Today, 20:29:58
EPTHopper created a new deck: Abzan
Today, 20:29:18 · Modern
AdanGMC created a new deck: Token Goblin
Today, 20:24:09
trankos created a new deck: Urzatron ironworks (WIP)
Today, 20:22:35
Today, 20:18:44 · Modern
Enderdrago64 created a new deck: Eldrazi 2015
Today, 20:16:50
mondinix created a new deck: mono green stompy
Today, 20:14:10
mondinix created a new deck: mono green stompy
Today, 20:13:54
kde668 created a new deck: R/W dragons
Today, 20:13:09 · Standard
cokelore created a new deck: Untitled Deck
Today, 20:12:40
Traincloud created a new deck: 5 dragons
Today, 20:12:33
SlothFangs created a new deck: darettis new pump (WIP)
Today, 20:05:49
kewlgmr created a new deck: Basilisk
Today, 20:01:51
LuisMrD created a new deck: Minos
Today, 19:56:08 · Casual
Rantesh17 created a new deck: Untitled Deck (WIP)
Today, 19:53:17
Messie_Bergant created a new deck: Affinity (WIP)
Today, 19:52:37
dv12345 created a new deck: Merieke Ri Berit
Today, 19:52:08 · EDH / Commander
Today, 19:51:49 · Standard

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