Magic Deck Statistics
6 minutes ago
Juvy352 created a new deck: Burninator (WIP)
6 minutes ago · Casual
NeZ created a new deck: Test (WIP)
7 minutes ago
Dutchfancy created a new deck: Warriors Unite!
18 minutes ago · Standard
MARRAGLIO created a new deck: Juventus
20 minutes ago · Modern
Laf67 created a new deck: Gruul Aggro Modern
20 minutes ago · Modern
20 minutes ago · Tiny Leaders
cald47 created a new deck: Murder or Mill
28 minutes ago
Gabrielgj created a new deck: Mono Blue Control
32 minutes ago · Pauper
Dutchfancy created a new deck: +1+1 counter deck
37 minutes ago · Standard
tjmier created a new deck: goblin clan
38 minutes ago
39 minutes ago · Casual
amaterasurlz created a new deck: artifac madness
43 minutes ago · Extended
44 minutes ago
Juvy352 created a new deck: Noxious Infection
46 minutes ago · Casual
Thurdoen created a new deck: Manifest
48 minutes ago · Standard
48 minutes ago · Modern
jonnymongoose created a new deck: Sultai Survival
57 minutes ago · Vintage
gentzee created a new deck: U/R Twin
Today, 22:56:54 · Modern
Today, 22:56:52 · Standard
Mawa42 liked the deck Doomsday
Today, 22:53:54 · Vintage
dandrex created a new deck: tokens (WIP)
Today, 22:51:20
Tedx liked the deck Some Elf n planeswalker (WIP)
Today, 22:48:05 · Modern
Skrake created a new deck: G / B EDH (WIP)
Today, 22:47:29 · EDH / Commander
Tedx created a new deck: B/W Life Counter
Today, 22:44:13 · Modern
Today, 22:43:54 · Modern
Hardord created a new deck: Exalted Orzhov (WIP)
Today, 22:41:53 · Modern
Devereaux13 created a new deck: Demon (WIP)
Today, 22:35:13 · Casual
Red5 created a new deck: The Blues (WIP)
Today, 22:33:54 · EDH / Commander
Today, 22:32:51 · Casual
Koresh5610 created a new deck: 5 Highborn (WIP)
Today, 22:26:32 · EDH / Commander

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