Magic Deck Statistics
candralee commented on the deck Shock Time! (red/blue burn) (WIP)
3 minutes ago · "i personally think one type nuke is good. chose..."
jeffzero created a new deck: Spirit W/B
10 minutes ago
fgates91 created a new deck: GR Tron
23 minutes ago · Modern
poseidon93 wrote the post Maze's End Fog
25 minutes ago
manalust created a new deck: messing with kruphix
26 minutes ago
poseidon93 created a new deck: Maze's End Fog
32 minutes ago
DragooNick created a new deck: Loni's Faeries (WIP)
41 minutes ago · Casual
fgates91 created a new deck: mardu burn
42 minutes ago · Modern
45 minutes ago
patrick_isgosu created a new deck: Boros Aggro
51 minutes ago · Standard
manalust commented on the deck Maze's End Multi-Win
55 minutes ago · "woops read that wrong they could lose but still..."
56 minutes ago · Modern
h3nrydimo created a new deck: Sultai
Today, 10:28:58
Today, 10:26:07 · "already but this combo is well known and I want..."
manalust created a new deck: the land man
Today, 10:15:24
PsionicFrost commented on the deck NONONO (WIP)
Today, 09:57:09 · "Dissolve is strictly better than Cancel, so I w..."
Rozzi created a new deck: feen
Today, 09:22:02
Tarture created a new deck: Teysa EDH (WIP)
Today, 09:13:17 · EDH / Commander
ImmortalFist created a new deck: Mill & Kill
Today, 09:01:12
Mopey commented on the deck Green White (WIP)
Today, 08:50:09 · "4 of Fleecemane Lion instead of 2. This creatur..."
Mopey commented on the deck NONONO (WIP)
Today, 08:47:14 · "But you will not be able to block anything or a..."
Vecktor commented on the deck Maze's End Multi-Win
Today, 08:33:45 · "instead of guildgate try using fetch and dual l..."
Magicsw created a new deck: sultai 2
Today, 08:30:29
Gabriele Barile created a new deck: GBw treefolk
Today, 08:28:21 · Modern
cheeseballin33 created a new deck: Orzhov Control
Today, 08:26:51 · Standard
Today, 08:23:48 · "you could say to put cards in this deck please ..."
RAITO created a new deck: WG Auras en pruebas
Today, 08:20:06

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