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Untitled Deck

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      Name Type Mana Set

    Main (60)

    4 Overgrown Tomb Land - Swamp Forest 35.80 € $ 43.00
    10 Swamp Basic Land - Swamp 1.50 € $ 0.50
    4 Woodland Cemetery Land 31.80 € $ 17.56
    4 Geralf's Messenger Creature - Zombie (3) 19.80 € $ 10.68
    4 Gravecrawler Creature - Zombie (1) 31.80 € $ 18.80
    4 Lotleth Troll Creature - Zombie Troll (2) 11.80 € $ 5.00
    4 Dreg Mangler Creature - Plant Zombie (3) 1.60 € $ 1.32
    4 Diregraf Ghoul Creature - Zombie (1) 3.40 € $ 3.72
    4 Rancor Enchantment - Aura (1) 13.00 € $ 7.48
    4 Rakdos Cackler Creature - Devil (1) 1.60 € $ 1.96
    2 Cavern of Souls Land 45.90 € $ 35.30
    2 Abrupt Decay Instant (2) 25.90 € $ 25.04
    2 Evolving Wilds Land 0.50 € $ 0.40
    4 Crippling Blight Enchantment - Aura (1) 0.40 € $ 0.64
    2 Vampire Nighthawk Creature - Vampire Shaman (3) 3.50 € $ 2.12
    2 Sever the Bloodline Sorcery (4) 1.00 € $ 0.80

    Sideboard (15)

    4 Appetite for Brains
    2 Sever the Bloodline
    2 Golgari Charm
    3 Deathrite Shaman
    2 Thragtusk
    2 Abrupt Decay
    Sideboard price: 78.55 € | $ 60.69
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