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Untitled Deck

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      Name Type Mana Set DE US MTGO

    Main (60)

    4 Mox Opal Legendary Artifact (0)
    SOM (T1.X)
    199.80 € $ 147.68 125.24 T
    4 Blinkmoth Nexus Land
    DST (TM)
    35.80 € $ 28.68 6.24 T
    4 Inkmoth Nexus Land
    MBS (T1.X)
    91.80 € $ 90.40 76.00 T
    4 Cranial Plating Artifact - Equipment (2)
    5DN (TM)
    7.00 € $ 4.96 0.16 T
    4 Galvanic Blast Instant (1)
    SOM (T1.X)
    2.20 € $ 1.84 0.16 T
    3 Springleaf Drum Artifact (1)
    BNG (T1.X)
    2.25 € $ 3.78 0.12 T
    2 Thoughtcast Sorcery (5)
    MRD (TM)
    0.90 € $ 1.66 0.04 T
    4 Vault Skirge Artifact Creature - Imp (2)
    NPH (T1.X)
    2.60 € $ 1.64 0.16 T
    2 Etched Champion Artifact Creature - Soldier (3)
    SOM (T1.X)
    15.90 € $ 7.00 1.30 T
    3 Arcbound Ravager Artifact Creature - Beast (2)
    DST (TM)
    95.85 € $ 133.95 31.02 T
    3 Memnite Artifact Creature - Construct (0)
    SOM (T1.X)
    7.35 € $ 4.59 0.12 T
    4 Signal Pest Artifact Creature - Pest (1)
    MBS (T1.X)
    7.00 € $ 3.32 0.20 T
    4 Ornithopter Artifact Creature - Thopter (0)
    M15 (T1.X)
    2.36 € $ 0.88 0.12 T
    2 Steel Overseer Artifact Creature - Construct (2)
    M11 (TM)
    19.90 € $ 21.04 3.00 T
    3 Darksteel Citadel Artifact Land
    M15 (T1.X)
    2.25 € $ 2.25 0.09 T
    2 Whipflare Sorcery (2)
    NPH (T1.X)
    0.40 € $ 0.50 0.14 T
    1 Welding Jar Artifact (0)
    MRD (TM)
    0.15 € $ 0.38 0.04 T
    2 Master of Etherium Artifact Creature - Vedalken Wizard (3)
    ALA (TM)
    7.90 € $ 13.10 3.00 T
    1 Island Basic Land - Island
    BFZ (T2)
    0.15 € $ 0.15 0.01 T
    4 Gemstone Mine Land
    TSB (TM)
    31.80 € $ 32.32 6.00 T

    Sideboard (15)

    4 Rest in Peace
    3 Welding Jar
    2 Thoughtseize
    2 Ancient Grudge
    2 Ethersworn Canonist
    1 Etched Champion
    1 Mountain
    Sideboard price: 74.55 € | $ 64.61
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