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yankes77 created a new deck: blitzkreig
5 minutes ago · Modern
Kolppan3n commented on the deck Godly enchants (WIP)
7 minutes ago · "oh, gotta fix dat right up!"
Nagrom commented on the deck Godly enchants (WIP)
8 minutes ago · "yawgmoths bargan is banned on commander"
SerFabry created a new deck: Titania Stephan
10 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
19 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
Eduardo created a new deck: GW Hexproof (WIP)
20 minutes ago · Standard
IamDeathmachine created a new deck: amulet combo
20 minutes ago
Kolppan3n created a new deck: Godly enchants (WIP)
23 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
26 minutes ago · Modern
Dezao created a new deck: Marchesa, the Black Rose #2 (WIP)
26 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
Kazuaro liked the deck BW Warrior
28 minutes ago · Standard
29 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
jgguitar created a new deck: G/R Shaman
32 minutes ago · Standard
marcelosm created a new deck: BW Warrior
36 minutes ago · Standard
Liwijathan created a new deck: 20150522_BoosterDraft (WIP)
37 minutes ago · Casual
46 minutes ago · Standard
ulissesf liked the deck Pay2play
47 minutes ago · Modern
51 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
53 minutes ago · Standard
ennjyx created a new deck: The Woolly Dr Is In
57 minutes ago · Legacy
Mathias95 created a new deck: Sirenas
58 minutes ago · Modern
59 minutes ago · Modern
Picky95 created a new deck: MONO B Reanimator - Pauper (WIP)
Today, 17:54:34 · Pauper
skibbs created a new deck: Untitled Deck
Today, 17:53:36
Today, 17:51:38 · Standard
Today, 17:44:22 · Standard
godzilla created a new deck: Esper Death and Taxes (WIP)
Today, 17:43:49 · Modern
NastyNate created a new deck: Grixis Thaumaturge
Today, 17:40:19 · Modern
ennjyx liked the deck Can't Lose
Today, 17:40:12 · Legacy


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