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Great news: We now have all currently known [JOU] Journey Into Nyx cards in our database! So you can now start building and analyzing your Journey Into Nyx decks long before the official release. Big thanks to MTG Salvation for sharing their spoiler with us to make this possible!

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      Name Type Mana Set

    Lands (22)

    22 Plains Basic Land - Plains $ 1.10

    Spells (15)

    1 Ajani, Caller of the Pride Planeswalker - Ajani (3) $ 10.06
    4 Captain's Call Sorcery (4) $ 0.60
    2 Cloudshift Instant (1) $ 0.40
    4 Oblivion Ring Enchantment (3) $ 2.72
    4 Pacifism Enchantment - Aura (2) $ 0.68

    Creatures (23)

    4 Ajani's Pridemate Creature - Cat Soldier (2) $ 7.28
    4 Cathedral Sanctifier Creature - Human Cleric (1) $ 0.68
    2 Doomed Traveler Creature - Human Soldier (1) $ 0.40
    2 Emancipation Angel Creature - Angel (3) $ 0.58
    2 Lone Missionary Creature - Kor Monk (2) $ 0.36
    1 Odric, Master Tactician Legendary Creature - Human Soldier (4) $ 0.53
    4 Soul Warden Creature - Human Cleric (1) $ 3.12
    4 Soul's Attendant Creature - Human Cleric (1) $ 3.60
    Last updated:
    27 Feb 2013 18:39:46
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