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Tags: Biovisionary

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      Name Type Mana Set

    Lands (22)

    4 Forest Basic Land - Forest $ 0.20
    15 Island Basic Land - Island $ 0.75
    3 Simic Guildgate Land - Gate $ 0.60

    Spells (23)

    4 Cackling Counterpart Instant (3) $ 2.24
    3 Cyclonic Rift Instant (2) $ 14.61
    3 Downpour Instant (2) $ 0.42
    4 Druid's Deliverance Instant (2) $ 0.64
    3 Inaction Injunction Sorcery (2) $ 0.36
    4 Index Sorcery (1) $ 0.76
    2 Infinite Reflection Enchantment - Aura (6) $ 0.86

    Creatures (15)

    4 Biovisionary Creature - Human Wizard (3) $ 1.64
    4 Clone Creature - Shapeshifter (4) $ 3.44
    3 Fog Bank Creature - Wall (2) $ 3.78
    4 Realmwright Creature - Vedalken Wizard (1) $ 1.52
    Last updated:
    22 Mar 2013 17:52:13
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