Isperia Supreme Judge

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    I wanted to do Control in my own way with this deck but still have it be powerful enough to make an impact. The deck learns more towards a White based control scheme and embraces board wipes. While cards like Grand Arbiter are missing from the list they still have a place in the deck, I just don't own them. Early game usually requires political play with cards such as Magus of the Disk to threaten Opponents to stay off of you while you build up to the deck's almost back breaking end game that leaves in a position where you almost cannot be attacked.

    Sticking an Emeria is almost required in order to win under pressure, and

    Deadeye Navigator encourages you to play aggressively with it's ability to bounce Sphinx of Uthuun, Sun Titan, or Restoration Angel for as much value as possible.

    Using your Counterspells and Wrath effects correctly are paramount to building up to a win, your opponent's must attempt to over extend in order for you to gain full advantage of the deck. This requires a good knowledge of the Meta Game and what you are up against. Don't Wrath if you missed the opportunity to counter a Major spell, instead use Swords, Path, or Luminate Primordial. If an opponent stuck a big spell, say Genesis Wave you have to fortify your defenses more quickly so you have time to prepare for an inevitable attack.

    Time Reversal allows you to recover from choices you had to make in the early game that may have left you gassed early on. While it may seem like you are putting yourself at a disadvantage at first, it is actually a good way to refill you hand and stop Graveyard based decks for a while.

    I would say that while this deck is pretty powerful it has to unfortunate side affect of being one of the 3 decks I built at a single time, the other's being Niv-Mizzet and Rakdos.

    I have to point out that Isperia herself is not an amazing General by any stretch. You won't be attacked into often and Blue White wants your opponents to direct their attention somewhere else. I like using her because I just like the card, but be aware that this deck requires a great amount of Cunning and Play Skill to to dig yourself out of the hole that is the Early and Mid Game.


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