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M14 White Weenie (Standard)

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    Added: July 16, 2013, 04:24:38 AM
    Last updated: July 16, 2013, 04:24:38 AM
      Name Type Mana Set DE US MTGO

    Main (60)

    4 Champion of the Parish Creature - Human Soldier (1)
    ISD (T1.X)
    9.80 € $ 8.92 2.12 T
    4 Boros Elite Creature - Human Soldier (1)
    GTC (T1.X)
    1.80 € $ 1.08 0.04 T
    4 Precinct Captain Creature - Human Soldier (2)
    RTR (T1.X)
    3.80 € $ 1.64 0.08 T
    3 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Legendary Creature - Human Soldier (2)
    DKA (T1.X)
    23.85 € $ 21.75 1.83 T
    2 Mikaeus, the Lunarch Legendary Creature - Human Cleric (1)
    ISD (T1.X)
    10.90 € $ 6.92 2.10 T
    4 Silverblade Paladin Creature - Human Knight (3)
    AVR (T1.X)
    3.80 € $ 1.80 0.04 T
    4 Boros Reckoner Creature - Minotaur Wizard (3)
    GTC (T1.X)
    15.00 € $ 10.88 0.64 T
    4 Frontline Medic Creature - Human Cleric (3)
    GTC (T1.X)
    2.20 € $ 1.92 0.04 T
    2 Riders of Gavony Creature - Human Knight (4)
    AVR (T1.X)
    1.50 € $ 0.78 0.02 T
    4 Brave the Elements Instant (1)
    M14 (T1.X)
    3.00 € $ 1.28 0.12 T
    3 Knight of Glory Creature - Human Knight (2)
    M13 (T1.X)
    1.35 € $ 0.87 0.03 T
    22 Plains Basic Land - Plains
    SOI (T2)
    2.20 € $ 0.66 0.22 T

    Sideboard (15)

    2 Fiend Hunter
    3 Imposing Sovereign
    1 Riders of Gavony
    1 Intrepid Hero
    4 Elite Inquisitor
    4 Dryad Militant
    Sideboard price: 11.45 € | $ 4.78
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