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GU Evolve

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    The idea of this deck is pretty straightforward - grow my creatures using Evolve and then either attack directly or use the +1/+1 for something else. I could also use Gyre Sage to get large amounts of mana, but I'm not sure what I would actually use that for... any ideas?
    Views: 1,589
    Added: January 31, 2013, 01:31:18 AM
    Last updated: January 31, 2013, 01:31:18 AM
      Name Type Mana Set

    Evolve Creatures (16)

    4 Cloudfin Raptor Creature - Bird Mutant (1) 1.20 € $ 0.92 0.20 T
    4 Experiment One Creature - Human Ooze (1) 6.00 € $ 5.04 0.32 T
    4 Crocanura Creature - Crocodile Frog (3) 0.40 € $ 0.56 0.08 T
    4 Elusive Krasis Creature - Fish Mutant (3) 1.96 € $ 0.92 0.12 T

    Other Creatures (4)

    4 Kraken Hatchling Creature - Kraken (1) 0.40 € $ 0.68 0.08 T

    Modify Power/Toughness (8)

    4 Agoraphobia Enchantment - Aura (2) 0.80 € $ 1.08 0.12 T
    4 Hydrosurge Instant (1) 0.40 € $ 0.64 0.08 T

    Move/use counters (8)

    4 Bioshift Instant (1) 1.00 € $ 0.76 0.08 T
    4 Ooze Flux Enchantment (4) 1.80 € $ 1.20 0.20 T

    Mana (24)

    4 Realmwright Creature - Vedalken Wizard (1) 1.80 € $ 1.28 0.20 T
    10 Island Basic Land - Island 1.50 € $ 0.50 0.20 T
    10 Forest Basic Land - Forest 1.50 € $ 0.50 0.20 T
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