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black_varo created a new deck: Leviathan Deck
22 minutes ago
29 minutes ago
34 minutes ago
37 minutes ago
Siren commented on the deck Ally Tiny Leaders (WIP)
38 minutes ago · "seems like a good deck sadly derevi is a banned..."
Akroma777 created a new deck: Burn baby Burn
38 minutes ago
smedlin1 liked the deck WB Tokens
38 minutes ago · Casual
44 minutes ago · Modern
Akroma777 created a new deck: Enchanter's Dream (WIP)
46 minutes ago
Marokumu created a new deck: Jeskai Control DTK
48 minutes ago · Standard
Ketchupgeek liked the deck Zombie
48 minutes ago · Modern
51 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
ZeldaRebel8593 created a new deck: Sliver Queen EDH (WIP)
52 minutes ago · EDH / Commander
53 minutes ago · Tiny Leaders
Ketchupgeek liked the deck WB Tokens
58 minutes ago · Casual
Jenkins liked the deck Wrath of Ugin
Today, 04:00:46
Jenkins liked the deck Phoenix Glory
Today, 04:00:37 · Casual
Today, 03:56:35 · Tiny Leaders
Nate5935 created a new deck: Mogis's Minotaurs
Today, 03:47:06 · Standard
Today, 03:37:35
dkallsen23 created a new deck: spirit deck manipulation (WIP)
Today, 03:37:25 · Legacy
Today, 03:36:11 · EDH / Commander
benlfc created a new deck: Modern stx (WIP)
Today, 03:35:46 · Modern
Ravern commented on the deck MonoWhite Humans and Angels (WIP)
Today, 03:29:35 · "Please give me feedback for how i should change..."
KraggGrimm1 created a new deck: Black Blue Green
Today, 03:26:05 · Casual
victorcordeiro created a new deck: Untitled Deck
Today, 03:24:55
KLGVirus created a new deck: Zombies
Today, 03:20:17 · Casual
MStranger created a new deck: Untitled Deck
Today, 03:13:11
KLGVirus created a new deck: Soldiers
Today, 03:10:55 · Casual
Meh created a new deck: Pain of Life-gain (WIP)
Today, 03:02:22


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