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selesnya affinity (Pauper)

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    Views: 3,456
    Added: March 04, 2014, 11:31:35 PM
    Last updated: March 04, 2014, 11:31:35 PM
      Name Type Mana Set

    Lands (20)

    4 Ancient Den Artifact Land 5.80 € $ 6.12 0.60 T
    4 Darksteel Citadel Artifact Land 3.96 € $ 6.20 0.36 T
    8 Plains Basic Land - Plains 1.20 € $ 0.40 0.16 T
    4 Tree of Tales Artifact Land 1.40 € $ 1.96 0.60 T

    Spells (12)

    4 Bone Saw Artifact - Equipment (0) 0.60 € $ 0.80 0.12 T
    4 Chromatic Sphere Artifact (1) 0.80 € $ 1.56 0.60 T
    4 Giant Growth Instant (1) 0.40 € $ 1.28 0.08 T

    Creatures (28)

    4 Arcbound Stinger Artifact Creature - Insect (2) 0.60 € $ 0.72 0.08 T
    4 Arcbound Worker Artifact Creature - Construct (1) 0.80 € $ 0.84 0.08 T
    4 Ardent Recruit Creature - Human Soldier (1) 0.40 € $ 0.68 0.08 T
    4 Auriok Sunchaser Creature - Human Soldier (2) 0.40 € $ 0.64 0.08 T
    4 Court Homunculus Artifact Creature - Homunculus (1) 0.40 € $ 0.68 0.08 T
    4 Frogmite Artifact Creature - Frog (4) 1.00 € $ 1.08 0.20 T
    4 Myr Enforcer Artifact Creature - Myr (7) 1.40 € $ 1.48 0.20 T
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