Sets » [PAST] Astral Cards (12 Cards)

12 Cards

Card Name Type Mana Rarity Nr.
Summon Jaguar (3) CCommon #1
(2/2) When Aswan Jaguar comes into play, choose a random creature type from those in target opponent's deck. · , : Bury target creature of the chosen type.
Sorcery (3) CCommon #2
Put a random creature from a random graveyard into play under your control. Call from the Grave deals to you an amount of damage equal to that creature's casting cost.
Summon Dragon (4) CCommon #3
(1/3) Flying · : Play a random effect.
Land CCommon #12
When Gem Bazaar comes into play, choose a random color. · : Add to your mana pool one mana of the color last chosen. Then choose a random color.
Summon Goblin (2) CCommon #4
(1/1) , , Pay for each target: Tap any number of random target creatures. Goblins tapped in this way do not untap during their controllers' next untap phases.
Enchantment (4) CCommon #5
Whenever a non-black creature is put into any graveyard from play, put a husk counter on Necropolis of Azar. · , Remove a husk counter from Necropolis of Azar. Put a Spawn of Azar token into play. T…
Instant (2) CCommon #6
Randomly distribute X -0/-1 counters among a random number of random target ceratures.
Artifact (5) CCommon #11
, : Choose a random summon card from all players' decks. For each player, flip a coin. If the flip ends up heads, put a token creature into play and treat it as though an exact copy of the chose…
Enchantment (5) CCommon #7
During each player's upkeep, that player exchanges control of random target artifact, creature or land he or she controls, for control of random target permanent of the same type that a random opponen…
Summon Dragon (4) CCommon #8
(2/3) Flying · During your upkeep, Prismatic Dragon becomes a random color permanently. · : Prismatic Dragon becomes a random color permanently.
Summon Knights (2) CCommon #9
(2/1) When Rainbow Knights comes into play, it gains protection from a random color permanently. · : First strike until end of turn. · : +0/+0, +1/+0 or +2/+0 until end of turn chosen at random.
Sorcery (2) CCommon #10
Play X random fast effects.
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