Sets » [PBBD] Battlebond Promos Cards (22)

[PBBD] Battlebond Promos

These are all 22 Magic: The Gathering cards from the set "Battlebond Promos" that are currently in our card database! If you spot a mistake here, please contact us!

[PBBD] Battlebond Promos Cards (22)

Nr. Card Name Type Text Mana Rarity
14s Creature - Azra Warrior Partner with Blaring Recruiter · Whenever Blaring C… UUncommon
13s Creature - Elf Warrior Partner with Blaring Captain · : Create a 1/1… UUncommon
15s Creature - Elemental Hound Partner with Chakram Slinger · Whenever you cast a … UUncommon
16s Creature - Human Warrior Partner with Chakram Retriever · , : Chakram … UUncommon
8s Legendary Creature - Giant Warrior Partner with Virtus the Veiled · Vigilance · Gorm the… RRare
19s Creature - Human Warrior Partner with Proud Mentor · Whenever Impetuous Prot… UUncommon
9s Legendary Creature - Dragon Partner with Sylvia Brightspear · Flying, haste · Kni… RRare
4s Legendary Creature - Demon Partner with Regna, the Redeemer · , Sacrifice X… RRare
21s Creature - Human Druid Partner with Lore Weaver · : Untap two target la… UUncommon
22s Creature - Human Wizard Partner with Ley Weaver · : Target player … UUncommon
6s Legendary Creature - Cyclops Berserker Partner with Zndrsplt, Eye of Wisdom · At the begin… RRare
11s Legendary Creature - Human Partner with Toothy, Imaginary Friend · If one or m… RRare
20s Creature - Human Warrior Partner with Impetuous Protege · , : Tap targ… UUncommon
3s Legendary Creature - Angel Partner with Krav, the Unredeemed · Flying · At the b… RRare
256s Legendary Planeswalker - Rowan (4) +2: During target player's next turn, each creatur… MMythic Rare
17s Creature - Human Warrior Partner with Soulblade Renewer · Deathtouch · Wheneve… UUncommon
18s Creature - Elf Warrior Partner with Soulblade Corrupter · When Soulblade R… UUncommon
10s Legendary Creature - Human Knight Partner with Khorvath Brightflame · Double strike · D… RRare
12s Legendary Creature - Illusion Partner with Pir, Imaginative Rascal · Whenever you… RRare
7s Legendary Creature - Azra Assassin Partner with Gorm the Great · Deathtouch · Whenever V… RRare
255s Legendary Planeswalker - Will (4) +2: Until your next turn, up to two target creatur… MMythic Rare
5s Legendary Creature - Homunculus Partner with Okaun, Eye of Chaos · At the beginning… RRare


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