Edições » [PCMD] Commander 2011 Launch Party (5 Cartas)

5 Cartas

Nr. Nome de Carta Tipo Texto Mana Raridade
184 Legendary Creature - Angel (4/4) Flying · Players can't cast spells during combat. · … (5) RRare
196 Legendary Creature - Elf Rogue (2/2) Whenever a creature deals combat damage to one of … (3) RRare
213 Legendary Creature - Vedalken Wizard (1/1) , : Nin, the Pain Artist deals X damag… (2) RRare
227 Legendary Creature - Zombie Elemental (1/1) Haste · Whenever Skullbriar, the Walking Grave deal… (2) RRare
234 Legendary Creature - Vampire (5/5) Flying, lifelink · Sacrifice a creature: Put X +1/+… (7) RRare
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