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[DKA] Dark Ascension Cards (171)

Build a new Dark Ascension deck These are all 171 Magic: The Gathering cards from the set "Dark Ascension" that are currently in our card database! If you spot a mistake here, please contact us!
Legality: Modern (TM)

[DKA] Dark Ascension Cards (171)

Card Name Type Text Mana Rarity
Afflicted Deserter Creature - Human Werewolf At the beginning of each upkeep, if no spells were… (4) Uncommon
Alpha Brawl Sorcery Target creature an opponent controls deals damage … (8) Rare
Altar of the Lost Artifact Altar of the Lost enters the battlefield tapped. · … (3) Uncommon
Archangel's Light Sorcery You gain 2 life for each card in your graveyard, t… (8) Mythic Rare
Archdemon of Greed Creature - Demon Flying, trample · At the beginning of your upkeep, … Rare
Artful Dodge Sorcery Target creature is unblockable this turn. · Flashba… (1) Common
Avacyn's Collar Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature gets +1/+0 and has vigilance. · W… (1) Uncommon
Bar the Door Instant Creatures you control get +0/+4 until end of turn. (3) Common
Beguiler of Wills Creature - Human Wizard : Gain control of target creature with power le… (5) Mythic Rare
Black Cat Creature - Zombie Cat When Black Cat dies, target opponent discards a ca… (2) Common
Blood Feud Sorcery Target creature fights another target creature. (6) Uncommon
Bone to Ash Instant Counter target creature spell. · Draw a card. (4) Common
Break of Day Instant Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.… (2) Common
Briarpack Alpha Creature - Wolf Flash · When Briarpack Alpha enters the battlefiel… (4) Uncommon
Burden of Guilt Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · : Tap enchanted creature. (1) Common
Burning Oil Instant Burning Oil deals 3 damage to target attacking or … (2) Uncommon
Call to the Kindred Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · At the beginning of your upkeep,… (4) Rare
Chalice of Death Artifact : Target player loses 5 life. Uncommon
Chalice of Life Artifact : You gain 1 life. Then if you have at least 10… (3) Uncommon
Chant of the Skifsang Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Enchanted creature gets -13/-0. (3) Common
Chill of Foreboding Sorcery Each player puts the top five cards of his or her … (3) Uncommon
Chosen of Markov Creature - Human , Tap an untapped Vampire you control: Transfor… (3) Common
Clinging Mists Instant Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt this… (3) Common
Counterlash Instant Counter target spell. You may cast a nonland card … (6) Rare
Crushing Vines Instant Choose one · Destroy target creature with flying… (3) Common
Curse of Bloodletting Enchantment - Aura Curse Enchant player · If a source would deal damage to e… (5) Rare
Curse of Echoes Enchantment - Aura Curse Enchant player · Whenever enchanted player casts an… (5) Rare
Curse of Exhaustion Enchantment - Aura Curse Enchant player · Enchanted player can't cast more t… (4) Uncommon
Curse of Misfortunes Enchantment - Aura Curse Enchant player · At the beginning of your upkeep, y… (5) Rare
Curse of Thirst Enchantment - Aura Curse Enchant player · At the beginning of enchanted play… (5) Uncommon
Dawntreader Elk Creature - Elk , Sacrifice Dawntreader Elk: Search your librar… (2) Common
Deadly Allure Sorcery Target creature gains deathtouch until end of turn… (1) Uncommon
Death's Caress Sorcery Destroy target creature. If that creature was a Hu… (5) Common
Deranged Outcast Creature - Human Rogue , Sacrifice a Human: Put two +1/+1 counters … (2) Rare
Diregraf Captain Creature - Zombie Soldier Deathtouch · Other Zombie creatures you control get … (3) Uncommon
Divination Sorcery Draw two cards. (3) Common
Drogskol Captain Creature - Spirit Soldier Flying · Other Spirit creatures you control get +1/… (3) Uncommon
Drogskol Reaver Creature - Spirit Flying, double strike, lifelink · Whenever you gain… (7) Mythic Rare
Dungeon Geists Creature - Spirit Flying · When Dungeon Geists enters the battlefield,… (4) Rare
Elbrus, the Binding Blade Legendary Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature gets +1/+0. · When equipped creat… (7) Mythic Rare
Elgaud Inquisitor Creature - Human Cleric Lifelink · When Elgaud Inquisitor dies, put a 1/1 … (4) Common
Erdwal Ripper Creature - Vampire Haste · Whenever Erdwal Ripper deals combat damage … (3) Common
Evolving Wilds Land , Sacrifice Evolving Wilds: Search your library… Common
Executioner's Hood Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature has intimidate. · Equip (2) Common
Faith's Shield Instant Target permanent you control gains protection from… (1) Uncommon
Faithless Looting Sorcery Draw two cards, then discard two cards. · Flashback … (1) Common
Falkenrath Aristocrat Creature - Vampire Flying, haste · Sacrifice a creature: Falkenrath Ari… (4) Mythic Rare
Falkenrath Torturer Creature - Vampire Sacrifice a creature: Falkenrath Torturer gains fl… (3) Common
Farbog Boneflinger Creature - Zombie When Farbog Boneflinger enters the battlefield, ta… (5) Uncommon
Favor of the Woods Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Whenever enchanted creature bloc… (3) Common
Feed the Pack Enchantment At the beginning of your end step, you may sacrifi… (6) Rare
Fiend of the Shadows Creature - Vampire Wizard Flying · Whenever Fiend of the Shadows deals combat… (5) Rare
Fires of Undeath Instant Fires of Undeath deals 2 damage to target creature… (3) Common
Flayer of the Hatebound Creature - Devil Undying · Whenever Flayer of the Hatebound or anot… (6) Rare
Fling Instant As an additional cost to cast Fling, sacrifice a c… (2) Common
Forge Devil Creature - Devil When Forge Devil enters the battlefield, it deals … (1) Common
Gather the Townsfolk Sorcery Create two 1/1 white Human creature tokens. · Fatefu… (2) Common
Gavony Ironwright Creature - Human Soldier Fateful hour- As long as you have 5 or less life, … (3) Uncommon
Geralf's Messenger Creature - Zombie Geralf's Messenger enters the battlefield tapped. · … (3) Rare
Geralf's Mindcrusher Creature - Zombie Horror When Geralf's Mindcrusher enters the battlefield, … (6) Rare
Ghastly Haunting Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · You control enchanted creature. Uncommon
Ghoultree Creature - Zombie Treefolk Ghoultree costs less to cast for each creature… (8) Rare
Grafdigger's Cage Artifact Creature cards can't enter the battlefield from gr… (1) Rare
Gravecrawler Creature - Zombie Gravecrawler can't block. · You may cast Gravecrawle… (1) Rare
Gravepurge Instant Put any number of target creature cards from your … (3) Common
Gravetiller Wurm Creature - Wurm Trample · Morbid- Gravetiller Wurm enters the battl… (6) Uncommon
Grim Backwoods Land : Add to your mana pool. · , , Sa… Rare
Grim Flowering Sorcery Draw a card for each creature card in your graveya… (6) Uncommon
Griptide Instant Put target creature on top of its owner's library. (4) Common
Gruesome Discovery Sorcery Target player discards two cards. · Morbid- If a cr… (4) Common
Harrowing Journey Sorcery Target player draws three cards and loses 3 life. (5) Uncommon
Haunted Fengraf Land : Add to your mana pool. · , , Sacrific… Common
Havengul Lich Creature - Zombie Wizard : You may cast target creature card in a gravey… (5) Mythic Rare
Havengul Runebinder Creature - Human Wizard , , Exile a creature card from your grave… (4) Rare
Headless Skaab Creature - Zombie Warrior As an additional cost to cast Headless Skaab, exil… (3) Common
Heavy Mattock Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature gets +1/+1. · As long as equipped… (3) Common
Heckling Fiends Creature - Devil : Target creature attacks this turn if able. (3) Uncommon
Hellrider Creature - Devil Haste · Whenever a creature you control attacks, Hel… (4) Rare
Helvault Legendary Artifact , : Exile target creature you control. · , … (3) Mythic Rare
Highborn Ghoul Creature - Zombie Intimidate (2) Common
Hinterland Hermit Creature - Human Werewolf At the beginning of each upkeep, if no spells were… (2) Common
Hinterland Scourge Creature - Werewolf Hinterland Scourge must be blocked if able. · At th… Common
Hollowhenge Beast Creature - Beast (5) Common
Hollowhenge Spirit Creature - Spirit Flash · Flying · When Hollowhenge Spirit enters the b… (4) Uncommon
Hunger of the Howlpack Instant Put a +1/+1 counter on target creature. · Morbid P… (1) Common
Huntmaster of the Fells Creature - Human Werewolf Whenever this creature enters the battlefield or t… (4) Mythic Rare
Immerwolf Creature - Wolf Intimidate · Other Wolf and Werewolf creatures you… (3) Uncommon
Increasing Ambition Sorcery Search your library for a card and put that card i… (5) Rare
Increasing Confusion Sorcery Target player puts the top X cards of his or her l… (1) Rare
Increasing Devotion Sorcery Create five 1/1 white Human creature tokens. If In… (5) Rare
Increasing Savagery Sorcery Put five +1/+1 counters on target creature. If Inc… (4) Rare
Increasing Vengeance Instant Copy target instant or sorcery spell you control. … (2) Rare
Jar of Eyeballs Artifact Whenever a creature you control dies, put two eyeb… (3) Rare
Kessig Recluse Creature - Spider Reach · Deathtouch (4) Common
Krallenhorde Killer Creature - Werewolf : Krallenhorde Killer gets +4/+4 until end o… Rare
Lambholt Elder Creature - Human Werewolf At the beginning of each upkeep, if no spells were… (3) Uncommon
Lingering Souls Sorcery Create two 1/1 white Spirit creature tokens with f… (3) Uncommon
Lost in the Woods Enchantment Whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker … (5) Rare
Loyal Cathar Creature - Human Soldier Vigilance · When Loyal Cathar dies, return it to th… (2) Common
Markov Blademaster Creature - Vampire Warrior Double strike · Whenever Markov Blademaster deals c… (3) Rare
Markov Warlord Creature - Vampire Warrior Haste · When Markov Warlord enters the battlefield,… (6) Uncommon
Markov's Servant Creature - Vampire Common
Midnight Guard Creature - Human Soldier Whenever another creature enters the battlefield, … (3) Common
Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Legendary Creature - Zombie Cleric Intimidate · Whenever a Human deals damage to you, … (6) Mythic Rare
Mondronen Shaman Creature - Human Werewolf Shaman At the beginning of each upkeep, if no spells were… (4) Rare
Moonscarred Werewolf Creature - Werewolf Vigilance · : Add to your mana pool. · At … Common
Moonveil Dragon Creature - Dragon Flying · : Each creature you control gets +1/+0 … (6) Mythic Rare
Mystic Retrieval Sorcery Return target instant or sorcery card from your gr… (4) Uncommon
Nearheath Stalker Creature - Vampire Rogue Undying (5) Common
Nephalia Seakite Creature - Bird Flash · Flying (4) Common
Niblis of the Breath Creature - Spirit Flying · , : You may tap or untap target crea… (3) Uncommon
Niblis of the Mist Creature - Spirit Flying · When Niblis of the Mist enters the battlef… (3) Common
Niblis of the Urn Creature - Spirit Flying · Whenever Niblis of the Urn attacks, you ma… (2) Uncommon
Predator Ooze Creature - Ooze Predator Ooze is indestructible. · Whenever Predato… (3) Rare
Pyreheart Wolf Creature - Wolf Whenever Pyreheart Wolf attacks, each creature you… (3) Uncommon
Ravager of the Fells Creature - Werewolf Trample · Whenever this creature transforms into Ra… Mythic Rare
Ravenous Demon Creature - Demon Sacrifice a Human: Transform Ravenous Demon. Activ… (5) Rare
Ray of Revelation Instant Destroy target enchantment. · Flashback (2) Common
Reap the Seagraf Sorcery Put a 2/2 black Zombie creature token onto the bat… (3) Common
Relentless Skaabs Creature - Zombie As an additional cost to cast Relentless Skaabs, e… (5) Uncommon
Requiem Angel Creature - Angel Flying · Whenever another non-Spirit creature you co… (6) Rare
Russet Wolves Creature - Wolf (4) Common
Sanctuary Cat Creature - Cat (1) Common
Saving Grasp Instant Return target creature you own to your hand. · Flas… (1) Common
Scorch the Fields Sorcery Destroy target land. Scorch the Fields deals 1 dam… (5) Common
Scorned Villager Creature - Human Werewolf : Add to your mana pool. · At the beginning … (2) Common
Screeching Skaab Creature - Zombie When Screeching Skaab enters the battlefield, put … (2) Common
Séance Enchantment At the beginning of each upkeep, you may exile tar… (4) Rare
Secrets of the Dead Enchantment Whenever you cast a spell from your graveyard, dra… (3) Uncommon
Shattered Perception Sorcery Discard all the cards in your hand, then draw that… (3) Uncommon
Shriekgeist Creature - Spirit Flying · Whenever Shriekgeist deals combat damage to… (2) Common
Sightless Ghoul Creature - Zombie Soldier Sightless Ghoul can't block. · Undying (4) Common
Silverclaw Griffin Creature - Griffin Flying, first strike (5) Common
Silverpelt Werewolf Creature - Werewolf Whenever Silverpelt Werewolf deals combat damage t… Uncommon
Skillful Lunge Instant Target creature gets +2/+0 and gains first strike … (2) Common
Skirsdag Flayer Creature - Human Cleric , , Sacrifice a Human: Destroy target cre… (2) Uncommon
Somberwald Dryad Creature - Dryad Forestwalk (2) Common
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad Planeswalker - Sorin +: Put a 1/1 black Vampire creature token with … (4) Mythic Rare
Soul Seizer Creature - Spirit Flying · When Soul Seizer deals combat damage to a … (5) Uncommon
Spiteful Shadows Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Whenever enchanted creature is d… (2) Common
Stormbound Geist Creature - Spirit Flying · Stormbound Geist can block only creatures … (3) Common
Strangleroot Geist Creature - Spirit Haste · Undying (2) Uncommon
Stromkirk Captain Creature - Vampire Soldier First strike · Other Vampire creatures you control g… (3) Uncommon
Sudden Disappearance Sorcery Exile all nonland permanents target player control… (6) Rare
Talons of Falkenrath Enchantment - Aura Flash · Enchant creature · Enchanted creature has "… (2) Common
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Legendary Creature - Human Soldier First strike · Noncreature spells cost more to … (2) Rare
Thought Scour Instant Target player puts the top two cards of his or her… (1) Common
Thraben Doomsayer Creature - Human Cleric : Put a 1/1 white Human creature token onto the… (3) Rare
Thraben Heretic Creature - Human Wizard : Exile target creature card from a graveyard. (2) Uncommon
Torch Fiend Creature - Devil , Sacrifice Torch Fiend: Destroy target artifac… (2) Common
Tovolar's Magehunter Creature - Werewolf Whenever an opponent casts a spell, Tovolar's Mage… Rare
Tower Geist Creature - Spirit Flying · When Tower Geist enters the battlefield, lo… (4) Uncommon
Tracker's Instincts Sorcery Reveal the top four cards of your library. Put a c… (2) Uncommon
Tragic Slip Instant Target creature gets -1/-1 until end of turn. · Morb… (1) Common
Ulvenwald Bear Creature - Bear Morbid- When Ulvenwald Bear enters the battlefield… (3) Common
Undying Evil Instant Target creature gains undying until end of turn. (1) Common
Unhallowed Cathar Creature - Zombie Soldier Unhallowed Cathar can't block. Common
Vault of the Archangel Land : Add to your mana pool. · , : Cr… Rare
Vengeful Vampire Creature - Vampire Flying · Undying (6) Uncommon
Village Survivors Creature - Human Vigilance · Fateful hour- As long as you have 5 or … (5) Uncommon
Vorapede Creature - Insect Vigilance, trample · Undying (5) Mythic Rare
Wakedancer Creature - Human Shaman Morbid When Wakedancer enters the battlefield, i… (3) Uncommon
Warden of the Wall Artifact Warden of the Wall enters the battlefield tapped. · … (3) Uncommon
Werewolf Ransacker Creature - Werewolf Whenever this creature transforms into Werewolf Ra… Uncommon
Wild Hunger Instant Target creature gets +3/+1 and gains trample until… (3) Common
Withengar Unbound Legendary Creature - Demon Flying, intimidate, trample · Whenever a player los… Mythic Rare
Wolfbitten Captive Creature - Human Werewolf : Wolfbitten Captive gets +2/+2 until end of… (1) Rare
Wolfhunter's Quiver Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature has ": This creature deals 1 … (1) Uncommon
Wrack with Madness Sorcery Target creature deals damage to itself equal to it… (4) Common
Young Wolf Creature - Wolf Undying (1) Common
Zombie Apocalypse Sorcery Return all Zombie creature cards from your graveya… (6) Rare


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