Sets » [PDTK] Dragons of Tarkir Promos Cards (30)

[PDTK] Dragons of Tarkir Promos

These are all 30 Magic: The Gathering cards from the set "Dragons of Tarkir Promos" that are currently in our card database! If you spot a mistake here, please contact us!

[PDTK] Dragons of Tarkir Promos Cards (30)

Nr. Card Name Type Text Mana Rarity
2s Legendary Creature - Spirit Soldier Whenever another nontoken creature enters the batt… (2) RRare
3s Creature - Human Warrior Double strike · Whenever Arashin Foremost enters the… (3) RRare
213s Instant Choose two — · • Your opponents can't gain life this… (2) RRare
175s Creature - Avatar Reach, trample · Avatar of the Resolute enters the b… (2) RRare
47s Instant Exile target creature an opponent controls. That p… (4) RRare
88s Creature - Orc Warrior , Sacrifice another Warrior creature: Target… (3) RRare
132s Creature - Elemental , , Sacrifice Crater Elemental: Crater Eleme… (3) RRare
93s Sorcery Target player draws X cards and loses X life. (2) RRare
181s Creature - Human Warrior Creatures with power less than Den Protector's pow… (2) RRare
216s Legendary Creature - Elder Dragon Flying, trample · When Dragonlord Atarka enters the … (7) MMythic Rare
217s Legendary Creature - Elder Dragon Dragonlord Dromoka can't be countered. · Flying, lif… (6) MMythic Rare
218s Legendary Creature - Elder Dragon Flying, haste · Other creatures you control have has… (6) MMythic Rare
219s Legendary Creature - Elder Dragon Flying · Dragonlord Ojutai has hexproof as long as i… (5) MMythic Rare
220s Legendary Creature - Elder Dragon Flying, deathtouch · When Dragonlord Silumgar enters… (6) MMythic Rare
221s Instant Choose two — · • Prevent all damage target instant o… (2) RRare
23s Creature - Human Warrior Lifelink · Megamorph · When Hidden Dragonslaye… (2) RRare
58s Creature - Dragon Flying · When Icefall Regent enters the battlefield,… (5) RRare
141s Creature - Orc Shaman Menace · Megamorph · When Ire Shaman is turned f… (2) RRare
224s Instant Choose two — · • Return target creature card from yo… (3) RRare
61s Creature - Avatar As Living Lore enters the battlefield, exile an in… (4) RRare
26s Enchantment Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, put a lore … (1) RRare
112s Creature - Orc Berserker At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 2 life. · … (3) RRare
70s Creature - Naga Wizard Exploit · When Profaner of the Dead exploits a crea… (4) RRare
120s Legendary Creature - Zombie Naga Deathtouch · Exploit · When Sidisi, Undead Vizier exp… (5) RRare
121s Creature - Human Assassin Creatures with power greater than Silumgar Assassi… (2) RRare
232s Instant Choose two — · • Counter target noncreature spell. · •… (5) RRare
80s Creature - Djinn Monk Flying · Megamorph · When Stratus Dancer is tu… (2) RRare
210s Legendary Creature - Human Warrior Formidable — At the beginning of combat on your tu… (4) RRare
167s Sorcery Return target instant or sorcery card from your gr… (7) RRare
169s Legendary Creature - Orc Warrior Zurgo Bellstriker can't block creatures with power… (1) RRare


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