Sets » [DDQ] Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed Cards (71)

[DDQ] Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed

These are all 71 Magic: The Gathering cards from the set "Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed" that are currently in our card database! If you spot a mistake here, please contact us!

[DDQ] Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed Cards (71)

Nr. Card Name Type Text Mana Rarity
50 Creature - Zombie First strike · Whenever a creature dealt damage by A… UUncommon
77 Token Creature - - Angel Flying CCommon
51 Sorcery Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choos… UUncommon
52 Sorcery Each player sacrifices two creatures. UUncommon
2 Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 as … CCommon
53 Creature - Zombie Undying CCommon
31 Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature gets +3/+0. · As long as equipped … UUncommon
24 Creature - Human Wizard Whenever another Human enters the battlefield unde… RRare
3 Creature - Human Cleric When Cathedral Sanctifier enters the battlefield, … CCommon
4 Creature - Human Soldier Whenever another Human enters the battlefield unde… RRare
5 Creature - Spirit Flying CCommon
69 Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature has flying. · Equip CCommon
42 Instant Return target nonland permanent to its owner's han… UUncommon
6 Creature - Spirit Flying · As long as Dearly Departed is in your grave… RRare
68 Creature - Zombie Soldier Deathtouch · Other Zombie creatures you control get … UUncommon
54 Creature - Zombie Diregraf Ghoul enters the battlefield tapped. UUncommon
70 Land Dismal Backwater enters the battlefield tapped. · W… CCommon
7 Creature - Human Soldier When Doomed Traveler dies, create a 1/1 white Spir… CCommon
55 Sorcery Return target creature card from your graveyard to… UUncommon
56 Creature - Vampire When Driver of the Dead dies, return target creatu… CCommon
8 Instant Exile any number of target creatures you control. … RRare
9 Creature - Human Soldier When Elder Cathar dies, put a +1/+1 counter on tar… CCommon
10 Creature - Angel Flying · When Emancipation Angel enters the battlefi… UUncommon
57 Creature - Vampire Flying · Whenever Falkenrath Noble or another creatu… UUncommon
11 Creature - Human Cleric When Fiend Hunter enters the battlefield, you may … UUncommon
43 Instant Look at the top four cards of your library. Put on… CCommon
12 Sorcery Create two 1/1 white Human creature tokens. · Fatefu… CCommon
1 Legendary Creature - Spirit Cleric Hexproof · Whenever Geist of Saint Traft attacks, c… MMythic Rare
58 Creature - Zombie When Ghoulraiser enters the battlefield, return a … CCommon
13 Creature - Angel Flying · When Goldnight Redeemer enters the battlefi… UUncommon
59 Creature - Zombie Gravecrawler can't block. · You may cast Gravecrawle… RRare
25 Creature - Human Knight Flying · When Gryff Vanguard enters the battlefield,… CCommon
60 Creature - Demon Deathtouch · Whenever another nontoken creature dies… RRare
44 Creature - Human Wizard , , Exile a creature card from your grave… RRare
78 Token Creature - - Human CCommon
61 Instant Destroy target Human creature. UUncommon
14 Sorcery Create five 1/1 white Human creature tokens. If In… RRare
35 Basic Land - Island LLand
45 Creature - Zombie Horror As an additional cost to cast Makeshift Mauler, ex… CCommon
41 Creature - Demon Flying, trample · When Mindwrack Demon enters the ba… MMythic Rare
26 Creature - Bird Flying · When Mist Raven enters the battlefield, ret… CCommon
62 Sorcery Create two 2/2 black Zombie creature tokens. · Flash… UUncommon
15 Instant Exile target creature you control, then return it … CCommon
16 Creature - Human Soldier : Moorland Inquisitor gains first strike unt… CCommon
27 Creature - Human Rogue , : Exile another target creature you con… UUncommon
38 Basic Land - Plains LLand
28 Sorcery Draw three cards, untap up to two lands, then disc… UUncommon
17 Instant Destroy target attacking creature. CCommon
46 Creature - Zombie As an additional cost to cast Relentless Skaabs, e… UUncommon
47 Creature - Zombie Drake Flying · Scrapskin Drake can block only creatures w… CCommon
48 Creature - Zombie When Screeching Skaab enters the battlefield, put … CCommon
33 Land When Seraph Sanctuary enters the battlefield, you … CCommon
63 Sorcery Exile target creature and all other creatures with… RRare
32 Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature has first strike. · As long as equ… UUncommon
18 Creature - Human Soldier When Slayer of the Wicked enters the battlefield, … UUncommon
19 Creature - Spirit Soldier Soulbond · As long as Spectral Gateguards is paired… CCommon
79 Creature - Spirit Flying CCommon
49 Creature - Zombie Drake As an additional cost to cast Stitched Drake, exil… CCommon
74 Basic Land - Swamp LLand
29 Creature - Human Scout Soulbond · As long as Tandem Lookout is paired with… UUncommon
20 Creature - Human Wizard : Exile target creature card from a graveyard. UUncommon
64 Creature - Human Rogue When Tooth Collector enters the battlefield, targe… UUncommon
21 Creature - Spirit Flying · When Topplegeist enters the battlefield, ta… UUncommon
30 Creature - Spirit Flying · When Tower Geist enters the battlefield, lo… UUncommon
34 Land Tranquil Cove enters the battlefield tapped. · When… CCommon
65 Instant Target opponent sacrifices a creature. You gain li… UUncommon
66 Creature - Zombie Unbreathing Horde enters the battlefield with a +1… RRare
67 Instant Destroy target non-Vampire, non-Werewolf, non-Zomb… CCommon
22 Creature - Human Scout Flash · When Village Bell-Ringer enters the battlef… CCommon
23 Creature - Angel Flying · When Voice of the Provinces enters the batt… CCommon
80 Token Creature - - Zombie CCommon


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