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[DDR] Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis Cards (67)

Build a new Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis deck These are all 67 Magic: The Gathering cards from the set "Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis" that are currently in our card database! If you spot a mistake here, please contact us!
Legality: Vintage (T1)

[DDR] Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis Cards (67)

Card Name Type Text Mana Rarity
Abundance Enchantment If you would draw a card, you may instead choose l… (4) Rare
Altar's Reap Instant As an additional cost to cast Altar's Reap, sacrif… (2) Common
Ambition's Cost Sorcery You draw three cards and you lose 3 life. (4) Uncommon
Bala Ged Scorpion Creature - Scorpion When Bala Ged Scorpion enters the battlefield, you… (4) Common
Blistergrub Creature - Horror Swampwalk · When Blistergrub dies, each opponent lo… (3) Common
Briarhorn Creature - Elemental Flash · When Briarhorn enters the battlefield, targe… (4) Uncommon
Cadaver Imp Creature - Imp Flying · When Cadaver Imp enters the battlefield, yo… (3) Common
Carrier Thrall Creature - Vampire When Carrier Thrall dies, create a 1/1 colorless E… (2) Uncommon
Citanul Woodreaders Creature - Human Druid Kicker · When Citanul Woodreaders enters the… (3) Common
Civic Wayfinder Creature - Elf Warrior Druid When Civic Wayfinder enters the battlefield, you m… (3) Common
Cloudthresher Creature - Elemental Flash · Reach · When Cloudthresher enters the battlefi… (6) Rare
Crop Rotation Instant As an additional cost to cast Crop Rotation, sacri… (1) Common
Demon Creature - Demon Flying Common
Demon's Grasp Sorcery Target creature gets -5/-5 until end of turn. (5) Common
Desecration Demon Creature - Demon Flying · At the beginning of each combat, any oppone… (4) Rare
Despoiler of Souls Creature - Horror Despoiler of Souls can't block. · , Exile two … (2) Rare
Disfigure Instant Target creature gets -2/-2 until end of turn. (1) Common
Doom Blade Instant Destroy target nonblack creature. (2) Uncommon
Eldrazi Scion Token Creature - - Eldrazi Scion Sacrifice this creature: Add to your mana pool… Common
Elemental Creature - Elemental Trample Common
Elvish Visionary Creature - Elf Shaman When Elvish Visionary enters the battlefield, draw… (2) Common
Fertile Thicket Land Fertile Thicket enters the battlefield tapped. · Whe… Common
Fertilid Creature - Elemental Fertilid enters the battlefield with two +1/+1 cou… (3) Common
Fetid Imp Creature - Imp Flying · : Fetid Imp gains deathtouch until end … (2) Common
Forest Basic Land - Forest Land
Foul Imp Creature - Imp Flying · When Foul Imp enters the battlefield, you l… (2) Common
Gaea's Blessing Sorcery Target player shuffles up to three target cards fr… (2) Uncommon
Giant Scorpion Creature - Scorpion Deathtouch (3) Common
Gilt-Leaf Seer Creature - Elf Shaman , : Look at the top two cards of your librar… (3) Common
Grim Discovery Sorcery Choose one or both · Return target creature card… (2) Common
Hideous End Instant Destroy target nonblack creature. Its controller l… (3) Common
Indulgent Tormentor Creature - Demon Flying · At the beginning of your upkeep, draw a car… (5) Rare
Innocent Blood Sorcery Each player sacrifices a creature. (1) Common
Jaddi Lifestrider Creature - Elemental When Jaddi Lifestrider enters the battlefield, you… (5) Uncommon
Khalni Garden Land Khalni Garden enters the battlefield tapped. · When … Common
Leechridden Swamp Land - Swamp Leechridden Swamp enters the battlefield tapped. · {… Uncommon
Mire's Toll Sorcery Target player reveals a number of cards from his o… (1) Common
Mosswort Bridge Land Hideaway · : Add to your mana pool. · , Rare
Natural Connection Instant Search your library for a basic land card, put it … (3) Common
Nissa's Chosen Creature - Elf Warrior If Nissa's Chosen would die, put it on the bottom … (2) Common
Nissa, Voice of Zendikar Planeswalker - Nissa (3) +1: Create a 0/1 green Plant creature token. · -2: P… (3) Mythic Rare
Oakgnarl Warrior Creature - Treefolk Warrior Vigilance, trample (7) Common
Ob Nixilis Reignited Planeswalker - Nixilis (5) +1: You draw a card and you lose 1 life. · -3: Destr… (5) Mythic Rare
Oran-Rief Hydra Creature - Hydra Trample · Landfall Whenever a land enters the batt… (6) Rare
Oran-Rief Invoker Creature - Human Shaman : Oran-Rief Invoker gets +5/+5 and gains trampl… (2) Common
Pestilence Demon Creature - Demon Flying · : Pestilence Demon deals 1 damage to eac… (8) Rare
Plant Token Creature - - Plant Common
Priest of the Blood Rite Creature - Human Cleric When Priest of the Blood Rite enters the battlefie… (5) Rare
Quest for the Gravelord Enchantment Whenever a creature dies, you may put a quest coun… (1) Uncommon
Renegade Demon Creature - Demon (5) Common
Saddleback Lagac Creature - Lizard When Saddleback Lagac enters the battlefield, supp… (4) Common
Scythe Leopard Creature - Cat Landfall Whenever a land enters the battlefield … (1) Uncommon
Seek the Horizon Sorcery Search your library for up to three basic land car… (4) Uncommon
Shadows of the Past Enchantment Whenever a creature dies, scry 1. · : Each op… (2) Uncommon
Smallpox Sorcery Each player loses 1 life, discards a card, sacrifi… (2) Uncommon
Squelching Leeches Creature - Leech Squelching Leeches's power and toughness are each … (4) Uncommon
Swamp Basic Land - Swamp Land
Tendrils of Corruption Instant Tendrils of Corruption deals X damage to target cr… (4) Common
Thicket Elemental Creature - Elemental Kicker · When Thicket Elemental enters the b… (5) Rare
Thornweald Archer Creature - Elf Archer Reach · Deathtouch (2) Common
Treetop Village Land Treetop Village enters the battlefield tapped. · Uncommon
Unhallowed Pact Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · When enchanted creature dies, ret… (3) Common
Vines of the Recluse Instant Target creature gets +1/+2 and gains reach until e… (1) Common
Walker of the Grove Creature - Elemental When Walker of the Grove leaves the battlefield, c… (8) Uncommon
Wood Elves Creature - Elf Scout When Wood Elves enters the battlefield, search you… (3) Common
Woodborn Behemoth Creature - Elemental As long as you control eight or more lands, Woodbo… (5) Uncommon
Zombie Giant Token Creature - - Zombie Giant Common


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