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[V15] From the Vault: Angels Cards (15)

Build a new From the Vault: Angels deck These are all 15 Magic: The Gathering cards from the set "From the Vault: Angels" that are currently in our card database! If you spot a mistake here, please contact us!
Legality: Vintage (T1)

[V15] From the Vault: Angels Cards (15)

Card Name Type Text Mana Rarity
Akroma, Angel of Fury Legendary Creature - Angel Akroma, Angel of Fury can't be countered. · Flying, … (8) Mythic Rare
Akroma, Angel of Wrath Legendary Creature - Angel Flying, first strike, vigilance, trample, haste, p… (8) Mythic Rare
Archangel of Strife Creature - Angel Flying · As Archangel of Strife enters the battlefie… (7) Mythic Rare
Aurelia, the Warleader Legendary Creature - Angel Flying, vigilance, haste · Whenever Aurelia, the War… (6) Mythic Rare
Avacyn, Angel of Hope Legendary Creature - Angel Flying, vigilance, indestructible · Other permanents… (8) Mythic Rare
Baneslayer Angel Creature - Angel Flying, first strike, lifelink, protection from De… (5) Mythic Rare
Entreat the Angels Sorcery Create X 4/4 white Angel creature tokens with flyi… (3) Mythic Rare
Exalted Angel Creature - Angel Flying · Whenever Exalted Angel deals damage, you ga… (6) Mythic Rare
Iona, Shield of Emeria Legendary Creature - Angel Flying · As Iona, Shield of Emeria enters the battle… (9) Mythic Rare
Iridescent Angel Creature - Angel Flying, protection from all colors (7) Mythic Rare
Jenara, Asura of War Legendary Creature - Angel Flying · : Put a +1/+1 counter on Jenara, Asur… (3) Mythic Rare
Lightning Angel Creature - Angel Flying, vigilance, haste (4) Mythic Rare
Platinum Angel Artifact Creature - Angel Flying · You can't lose the game and your opponents … (7) Mythic Rare
Serra Angel Creature - Angel Flying · Vigilance (5) Mythic Rare
Tariel, Reckoner of Souls Legendary Creature - Angel Flying, vigilance · : Choose a creature card at r… (7) Mythic Rare


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