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[V13] From the Vault: Twenty

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[V13] From the Vault: Twenty Cards (20)

Nr. Nombre de la carta Tipo Texto Maná Rareza
11 Sorcery Destroy all artifacts, creatures, and enchantments… (6) MMythic Rare
10 Sorcery Target player sacrifices a creature. · Flashback (2) MMythic Rare
16 Creature - Shapeshifter Changeling · Protection from black · : Chame… (4) MMythic Rare
14 Instant Char deals 4 damage to target creature or player a… (3) MMythic Rare
17 Sorcery Target opponent sacrifices a creature, discards th… (7) MMythic Rare
1 Instant Add to your mana pool. (1) MMythic Rare
9 Instant Reveal the top five cards of your library. An oppo… (4) MMythic Rare
4 Creature - Elf Druid : Add to your mana pool. (1) MMythic Rare
12 Artifact : Add three mana of any one color. (5) MMythic Rare
19 Sorcery Search your library for a green creature card with… (1) MMythic Rare
3 Sorcery Target player discards two cards at random. (2) MMythic Rare
5 Instant Look at the top four cards of your library. Put on… (2) MMythic Rare
13 Legendary Creature - Rat Ninja Ninjutsu · Whenever Ink-Eyes, Servant of … (6) MMythic Rare
18 Legendary Planeswalker - Jace (3) +2: Look at the top card of target player's librar… (4) MMythic Rare
20 Land : Add to your mana pool. · , : Ta… MMythic Rare
2 Instant Exile target creature. Its controller gains life e… (1) MMythic Rare
8 Artifact Fading 4 · At the beginning of each player's upkeep… (3) MMythic Rare
7 Artifact : Add to your mana pool. (4) MMythic Rare
15 Legendary Creature - Human Wizard Flash · When Venser, Shaper Savant enters the battle… (4) MMythic Rare
6 Creature - Plant Wall Defender · When Wall of Blossoms enters the battlefi… (2) MMythic Rare


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