Sets » [PHJ] Hobby Japan Promos (5 Cards)

5 Cards

Card Name Type Mana Rarity Nr.
Creature - Goblin Mutant (4) RRare #1
(5/3) Trample · Goblin Mutant can't attack if defending player controls an untapped creature with power 3 or greater. · Goblin Mutant can't block creatures with power 3 or greater.
Legendary Creature - Shade Knight (6) RRare #2
(5/5) Protection from white
Creature - Vampire (5) RRare #3
(3/3) At the beginning of each end step, if a creature dealt damage by Krovikan Vampire this turn died, put that card onto the battlefield under your control. Sacrifice it when you lose control of Krovikan …
Instant (2) RRare #4
As an additional cost to cast this spell, discard a red or green card. · Target creature gains trample and gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is that creature's converted mana cost.
Creature - Insect (4) RRare #5
(5/1) Trample, haste · Cumulative upkeep
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