Editionen » [HML] Homelands Karten (115)

Dies sind die 115 Magic: The Gathering Karten aus der Edition "Homelands", die wir derzeit in unserer Kartendatenbank haben! Falls du einen Fehler findest, schreib uns bitte!

[HML] Homelands Karten (115)

Kartenname Typ Text Mana Seltenheit
Abbey Gargoyles Creature - Gargoyle Flying, protection from red (5) UUncommon
Abbey Matron Creature - Human Cleric , : Abbey Matron gets +0/+3 until end of tur… (3) CCommon
Aliban's Tower Instant Target blocking creature gets +3/+1 until end of t… (2) CCommon
Ambush Instant Blocking creatures gain first strike until end of … (4) CCommon
Ambush Party Creature - Human Rogue First strike, haste (5) CCommon
An-Havva Constable Creature - Human An-Havva Constable's toughness is equal to 1 plus … (3) RRare
An-Havva Inn Sorcery You gain X plus 1 life, where X is the number of g… (3) UUncommon
An-Havva Township Land : Add to your mana pool. · , : Add UUncommon
An-Zerrin Ruins Enchantment As An-Zerrin Ruins enters the battlefield, choose … (4) RRare
Anaba Ancestor Creature - Minotaur Spirit : Another target Minotaur creature gets +1/+1 u… (2) RRare
Anaba Bodyguard Creature - Minotaur First strike (4) CCommon
Anaba Shaman Creature - Minotaur Shaman , : Anaba Shaman deals 1 damage to target cr… (4) CCommon
Anaba Spirit Crafter Creature - Minotaur Shaman Minotaur creatures get +1/+0. (4) RRare
Apocalypse Chime Artifact , , Sacrifice Apocalypse Chime: Destroy all … (2) RRare
Autumn Willow Legendary Creature - Avatar Shroud · : Until end of turn, Autumn Willow can … (6) RRare
Aysen Abbey Land : Add to your mana pool. · , : Add UUncommon
Aysen Bureaucrats Creature - Human Advisor : Tap target creature with power 2 or less. (2) CCommon
Aysen Crusader Creature - Human Knight Aysen Crusader's power and toughness are each equa… (4) RRare
Aysen Highway Enchantment White creatures have plainswalk. (6) RRare
Baki's Curse Sorcery Baki's Curse deals 2 damage to each creature for e… (4) RRare
Baron Sengir Legendary Creature - Vampire Flying · Whenever a creature dealt damage by Baron S… (8) RRare
Beast Walkers Creature - Human Beast Soldier : Beast Walkers gains banding until end of turn… (3) RRare
Black Carriage Creature - Horse Trample · Black Carriage doesn't untap during your u… (5) RRare
Broken Visage Instant Destroy target nonartifact attacking creature. It … (5) RRare
Carapace Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Enchanted creature gets +0/+2. · Sa… (1) CCommon
Castle Sengir Land : Add to your mana pool. · , : Add UUncommon
Cemetery Gate Creature - Wall Defender · Protection from black (3) CCommon
Chain Stasis Instant You may tap or untap target creature. Then that cr… (1) RRare
Chandler Legendary Creature - Human Rogue , : Destroy target artifact creature. (5) CCommon
Clockwork Gnomes Artifact Creature - Gnome , : Regenerate target artifact creature. (4) CCommon
Clockwork Steed Artifact Creature - Horse Clockwork Steed enters the battlefield with four +… (4) CCommon
Clockwork Swarm Artifact Creature - Insect Clockwork Swarm enters the battlefield with four +… (4) CCommon
Coral Reef Enchantment Coral Reef enters the battlefield with four polyp … (2) CCommon
Dark Maze Creature - Wall Defender · : Dark Maze can attack this turn as t… (5) CCommon
Daughter of Autumn Legendary Creature - Avatar : The next 1 damage that would be dealt to targ… (4) RRare
Death Speakers Creature - Human Cleric Protection from black (1) UUncommon
Didgeridoo Artifact : You may put a Minotaur permanent card from yo… (1) RRare
Drudge Spell Enchantment , Exile two creature cards from your graveyard:… (2) UUncommon
Dry Spell Sorcery Dry Spell deals 1 damage to each creature and each… (2) CCommon
Dwarven Pony Creature - Horse , : Target Dwarf creature gains mountainw… (1) RRare
Dwarven Sea Clan Creature - Dwarf : Choose target attacking or blocking creature … (3) RRare
Dwarven Trader Creature - Dwarf (1) CCommon
Ebony Rhino Artifact Creature - Rhino Trample (7) CCommon
Eron the Relentless Legendary Creature - Human Rogue Haste · : Regenerate Eron the Relentless. (5) UUncommon
Evaporate Sorcery Evaporate deals 1 damage to each white and/or blue… (3) UUncommon
Faerie Noble Creature - Faerie Flying · Other Faerie creatures you control get +0/+… (3) RRare
Feast of the Unicorn Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Enchanted creature gets +4/+0. (4) CCommon
Feroz's Ban Artifact Creature spells cost more to cast. (6) RRare
Folk of An-Havva Creature - Human Whenever Folk of An-Havva blocks, it gets +2/+0 un… (1) CCommon
Forget Sorcery Target player discards two cards, then draws as ma… (2) RRare
Funeral March Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · When enchanted creature leaves th… (3) CCommon
Ghost Hounds Creature - Hound Spirit Vigilance · Whenever Ghost Hounds blocks or becomes … (2) UUncommon
Giant Albatross Creature - Bird Flying · When Giant Albatross dies, you may pay {… (2) CCommon
Giant Oyster Creature - Oyster You may choose not to untap Giant Oyster during yo… (4) UUncommon
Grandmother Sengir Legendary Creature - Human Wizard , : Target creature gets -1/-1 until end … (5) RRare
Greater Werewolf Creature - Werewolf At end of combat, put a -0/-2 counter on each crea… (5) CCommon
Hazduhr the Abbot Legendary Creature - Human Cleric , : The next X damage that would be dealt th… (5) RRare
Headstone Instant Exile target card from a graveyard. · Draw a card at… (2) CCommon
Heart Wolf Creature - Wolf First strike · : Target Dwarf creature gets +2/+0… (4) RRare
Hungry Mist Creature - Elemental At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Hungry … (4) CCommon
Ihsan's Shade Legendary Creature - Shade Knight Protection from white (6) UUncommon
Irini Sengir Legendary Creature - Vampire Dwarf Green enchantment spells and white enchantment spe… (4) UUncommon
Ironclaw Curse Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Enchanted creature gets -0/-1. · En… (1) RRare
Jinx Instant Target land becomes the basic land type of your ch… (2) CCommon
Joven Legendary Creature - Human Rogue , : Destroy target noncreature artifac… (5) CCommon
Joven's Ferrets Creature - Ferret Whenever Joven's Ferrets attacks, it gets +0/+2 un… (1) CCommon
Joven's Tools Artifact , : Target creature can't be blocked this tu… (6) UUncommon
Koskun Falls World Enchantment At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice Koskun … (4) RRare
Koskun Keep Land : Add to your mana pool. · , : Add UUncommon
Labyrinth Minotaur Creature - Minotaur Whenever Labyrinth Minotaur blocks a creature, tha… (4) CCommon
Leaping Lizard Creature - Lizard : Leaping Lizard gets -0/-1 and gains flying… (3) CCommon
Leeches Sorcery Target player loses all poison counters. Leeches d… (3) RRare
Mammoth Harness Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Enchanted creature loses flying. · … (4) RRare
Marjhan Creature - Serpent Marjhan doesn't untap during your untap step. · {… (7) RRare
Memory Lapse Instant Counter target spell. If that spell is countered t… (2) CCommon
Merchant Scroll Sorcery Search your library for a blue instant card, revea… (2) CCommon
Mesa Falcon Creature - Bird Flying · : Mesa Falcon gets +0/+1 until end of… (2) CCommon
Mystic Decree World Enchantment All creatures lose flying and islandwalk. (4) RRare
Narwhal Creature - Whale First strike, protection from red (4) RRare
Orcish Mine Enchantment - Aura Enchant land · Orcish Mine enters the battlefield wi… (3) UUncommon
Primal Order Enchantment At the beginning of each player's upkeep, Primal O… (4) RRare
Prophecy Sorcery Reveal the top card of target opponent's library. … (1) CCommon
Rashka the Slayer Legendary Creature - Human Archer Reach · Whenever Rashka the Slayer blocks one or mo… (5) UUncommon
Reef Pirates Creature - Zombie Pirate Whenever Reef Pirates deals damage to an opponent,… (3) CCommon
Renewal Sorcery As an additional cost to cast Renewal, sacrifice a… (3) CCommon
Retribution Sorcery Choose two target creatures an opponent controls. … (4) UUncommon
Reveka, Wizard Savant Legendary Creature - Dwarf Wizard : Reveka, Wizard Savant deals 2 damage to targe… (4) RRare
Root Spider Creature - Spider Whenever Root Spider blocks, it gets +1/+0 and gai… (4) UUncommon
Roots Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature without flying · When Roots enters … (4) UUncommon
Roterothopter Artifact Creature - Thopter Flying · : Roterothopter gets +1/+0 until end of … (1) CCommon
Rysorian Badger Creature - Badger Whenever Rysorian Badger attacks and isn't blocked… (3) RRare
Samite Alchemist Creature - Human Cleric , : Prevent the next 4 damage that would … (4) CCommon
Sea Sprite Creature - Faerie Flying, protection from red (2) UUncommon
Sea Troll Creature - Troll : Regenerate Sea Troll. Activate this ability o… (3) UUncommon
Sengir Autocrat Creature - Human When Sengir Autocrat enters the battlefield, creat… (4) UUncommon
Sengir Bats Creature - Bat Flying · Whenever a creature dealt damage by Sengir … (3) CCommon
Serra Aviary World Enchantment Creatures with flying get +1/+1. (4) RRare
Serra Bestiary Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · At the beginning of your upkeep, … (2) CCommon
Serra Inquisitors Creature - Human Cleric Whenever Serra Inquisitors blocks or becomes block… (5) UUncommon
Serra Paladin Creature - Human Knight : Prevent the next 1 damage that would be dealt… (4) CCommon
Serrated Arrows Artifact Serrated Arrows enters the battlefield with three … (4) CCommon
Shrink Instant Target creature gets -5/-0 until end of turn. (1) CCommon
Soraya the Falconer Legendary Creature - Human Bird creatures get +1/+1. · : Target Bird crea… (3) RRare
Spectral Bears Creature - Bear Spirit Whenever Spectral Bears attacks, if defending play… (2) UUncommon
Timmerian Fiends Creature - Horror Remove Timmerian Fiends from your deck before play… (3) RRare
Torture Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · : Put a -1/-1 counter on en… (1) CCommon
Trade Caravan Creature - Human Nomad At the beginning of your upkeep, put a currency co… (1) CCommon
Truce Instant Each player may draw up to two cards. For each car… (3) RRare
Veldrane of Sengir Legendary Creature - Human Rogue : Veldrane of Sengir gets -3/-0 and gains… (7) RRare
Wall of Kelp Creature - Plant Wall Defender · , : Create a 0/1 blue Plant Wal… (2) RRare
Willow Faerie Creature - Faerie Flying (2) CCommon
Willow Priestess Creature - Faerie Druid : You may put a Faerie permanent card from your… (4) RRare
Winter Sky Sorcery Flip a coin. If you win the flip, Winter Sky deals… (1) RRare
Wizards' School Land : Add to your mana pool. · , : Add UUncommon
Æther Storm Enchantment Creature spells can't be cast. · Pay 4 life: Destroy… (4) UUncommon


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