Sets » [OLGC] Legacy Championship (15 Cards)

15 Cards

Card Name Type Mana Rarity Nr.
Land - Swamp Mountain MMythic Rare #2016NA
Land - Swamp Forest MMythic Rare #2019A
Instant (1) RRare #2012
Draw three cards, then put two cards from your hand on top of your library in any order.
Land MMythic Rare #2019NA
When you play another land, sacrifice City of Traitors. · : Add .
Instant (5) RRare #2011
You may pay 1 life and exile a blue card from your hand rather than pay this spell's mana cost. · Counter target spell.
Legendary Land MMythic Rare #2014
: Add for each creature you control.
Land - Mountain Plains MMythic Rare #2018A
Land - Forest Plains MMythic Rare #2017NA
Land - Plains Swamp MMythic Rare #2018
Land - Mountain Forest MMythic Rare #2017EU
Land - Forest Island MMythic Rare #2019
Land - Plains Island MMythic Rare #2015
Land - Island Swamp MMythic Rare #2016EU
Land - Island Mountain MMythic Rare #2018NA
Land UUncommon #2013
: Add . · , Sacrifice Wasteland: Destroy target nonbasic land.
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