Editions » [PMBS] Mirrodin Besieged Promos (6 Cartes)

6 Cartes

Nr. Nom de Carte Catégorie Texte Mana Rareté
39 Sorcery Put X -1/-1 counters on each creature. Shuffle Bla… (2) RRare
96 Legendary Creature - Zombie Elf (3/3) First strike, deathtouch · Whenever a creature an o… (3) MMythic Rare
8 Creature - Human Knight (3/4) Battle cry · Whenever Hero of Bladehold attacks, c… (4) MMythic Rare
*14 Creature - Human Knight (2/2) Double strike, protection from black and from gree… (3) RRare
140 Artifact Creature - Thopter (5/5) Flying · At the beginning of your upkeep, if you co… (6) RRare
34 Creature - Human Wizard (2/2) When Treasure Mage enters the battlefield, you may… (3) UUncommon
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