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[MM2] Modern Masters 2015 Edition Cards (249)

Build a new Modern Masters 2015 Edition deck These are all 249 Magic: The Gathering cards from the set "Modern Masters 2015 Edition" that are currently in our card database! If you spot a mistake here, please contact us!
Legality: Modern (TM)

[MM2] Modern Masters 2015 Edition Cards (249)

Card Name Type Text Mana Rarity
Agony Warp Instant Target creature gets -3/-0 until end of turn. · Targ… (2) Uncommon
Air Servant Creature - Elemental Flying · : Tap target creature with flying. (5) Uncommon
Algae Gharial Creature - Crocodile Shroud · Whenever another creature dies, you may pu… (4) Uncommon
All Is Dust Tribal Sorcery - Eldrazi Each player sacrifices all colored permanents he o… (7) Rare
All Suns' Dawn Sorcery For each color, return up to one target card of th… (5) Rare
Alloy Myr Artifact Creature - Myr : Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. (3) Common
Ant Queen Creature - Insect : Put a 1/1 green Insect creature token onto… (5) Rare
Apocalypse Hydra Creature - Hydra Apocalypse Hydra enters the battlefield with X +1/… (2) Rare
Apostle's Blessing Instant Target artifact or creature you control gains prot… (2) Common
Aquastrand Spider Creature - Spider Mutant Graft 2 · : Target creature with a +1/+1 counter… (2) Common
Argent Sphinx Creature - Sphinx Flying · Metalcraft : Exile Argent Sphinx. Retu… (4) Rare
Arrest Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Enchanted creature can't attack o… (3) Common
Artisan of Kozilek Creature - Eldrazi When you cast Artisan of Kozilek, you may return t… (9) Uncommon
Ashenmoor Gouger Creature - Elemental Warrior Ashenmoor Gouger can't block. (3) Uncommon
Azorius Chancery Land Azorius Chancery enters the battlefield tapped. · Wh… Uncommon
Banefire Sorcery Banefire deals X damage to target creature or play… (1) Rare
Battlegrace Angel Creature - Angel Flying · Exalted · Whenever a creature you control at… (5) Rare
Bestial Menace Sorcery Put a 1/1 green Snake creature token, a 2/2 green … (5) Uncommon
Bitterblossom Tribal Enchantment - Faerie At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life a… (2) Mythic Rare
Blades of Velis Vel Tribal Instant - Shapeshifter Changeling · Up to two target creatures each get +2… (2) Common
Blinding Souleater Artifact Creature - Cleric , : Tap target creature. (3) Common
Blinkmoth Nexus Land : Add to your mana pool. · : Blinkmoth Nex… Rare
Blood Ogre Creature - Ogre Warrior Bloodthirst 1 · First strike (3) Common
Bloodshot Trainee Creature - Goblin Warrior : Bloodshot Trainee deals 4 damage to target cr… (4) Uncommon
Bloodthrone Vampire Creature - Vampire Sacrifice a creature: Bloodthrone Vampire gets +2/… (2) Common
Bone Splinters Sorcery As an additional cost to cast Bone Splinters, sacr… (1) Common
Boros Garrison Land Boros Garrison enters the battlefield tapped. · When… Uncommon
Boros Swiftblade Creature - Human Soldier Double strike (2) Uncommon
Brute Force Instant Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn. (1) Common
Burst Lightning Instant Kicker · Burst Lightning deals 2 damage to targ… (1) Common
Cathodion Artifact Creature - Construct When Cathodion dies, add to your mana po… (3) Common
Celestial Purge Instant Exile target black or red permanent. (2) Uncommon
Chimeric Mass Artifact Chimeric Mass enters the battlefield with X charge… (0) Rare
Cloud Elemental Creature - Elemental Flying · Cloud Elemental can block only creatures wi… (3) Common
Combust Instant Combust can't be countered by spells or abilities.… (2) Uncommon
Comet Storm Instant Multikicker · Choose target creature or player,… (2) Mythic Rare
Commune with Nature Sorcery Look at the top five cards of your library. You ma… (1) Common
Conclave Phalanx Creature - Human Soldier Convoke · When Conclave Phalanx enters the battlefi… (5) Common
Copper Carapace Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature gets +2/+2 and can't block. · Equi… (1) Common
Court Homunculus Artifact Creature - Homunculus Court Homunculus gets +1/+1 as long as you control… (1) Common
Cranial Plating Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature gets +1/+0 for each artifact you… (2) Uncommon
Creakwood Liege Creature - Horror Other black creatures you control get +1/+1. · Other… (4) Rare
Cryptic Command Instant Choose two · Counter target spell. · Return targ… (4) Rare
Culling Dais Artifact , Sacrifice a creature: Put a charge counter on… (2) Uncommon
Cytoplast Root-Kin Creature - Elemental Mutant Graft 4 · When Cytoplast Root-Kin enters the battle… (4) Uncommon
Daggerclaw Imp Creature - Imp Flying · Daggerclaw Imp can't block. (3) Uncommon
Dark Confidant Creature - Human Wizard At the beginning of your upkeep, reveal the top ca… (2) Mythic Rare
Darksteel Axe Artifact - Equipment Indestructible · Equipped creature gets +2/+0. · Equi… (1) Uncommon
Darksteel Citadel Artifact Land Indestructible · : Add to your mana pool. Common
Daybreak Coronet Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature with another Aura attached to it · … (2) Rare
Death Denied Instant - Arcane Return X target creature cards from your graveyard… (2) Common
Deathmark Sorcery Destroy target green or white creature. (1) Uncommon
Devouring Greed Sorcery - Arcane As an additional cost to cast Devouring Greed, you… (4) Uncommon
Dimir Aqueduct Land Dimir Aqueduct enters the battlefield tapped. · When… Uncommon
Dimir Guildmage Creature - Human Wizard : Target player draws a card. Activate this … (2) Uncommon
Dismember Instant Target creature gets -5/-5 until end of turn. (3) Uncommon
Dispatch Instant Tap target creature. · Metalcraft If you control t… (1) Uncommon
Dragonsoul Knight Creature - Human Knight First strike · : Until end of turn, D… (3) Common
Dread Drone Creature - Eldrazi Drone When Dread Drone enters the battlefield, put two 0… (5) Common
Drooling Groodion Creature - Beast , Sacrifice a creature: Target creature g… (6) Uncommon
Duskhunter Bat Creature - Bat Bloodthirst 1 · Flying (2) Common
Eldrazi Temple Land : Add to your mana pool. · : Add to… Uncommon
Electrolyze Instant Electrolyze deals 2 damage divided as you choose a… (3) Uncommon
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Legendary Creature - Praetor Vigilance · Other creatures you control get +2/+2. · C… (7) Mythic Rare
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn Legendary Creature - Eldrazi Emrakul, the Aeons Torn can't be countered. · When y… (15) Mythic Rare
Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder Legendary Creature - Human Wizard Whenever you cast a creature spell, create X 1/1 b… (5) Rare
Etched Champion Artifact Creature - Soldier Metalcraft Etched Champion has protection from a… (3) Rare
Etched Monstrosity Artifact Creature - Golem Etched Monstrosity enters the battlefield with fiv… (5) Rare
Etched Oracle Artifact Creature - Wizard Sunburst · , Remove four +1/+1 counters from Etc… (4) Uncommon
Ethercaste Knight Artifact Creature - Human Knight Exalted (2) Uncommon
Everflowing Chalice Artifact Multikicker · Everflowing Chalice enters the ba… (0) Uncommon
Evolving Wilds Land , Sacrifice Evolving Wilds: Search your library… Common
Expedition Map Artifact , , Sacrifice Expedition Map: Search your li… (1) Uncommon
Eye of Ugin Legendary Land Colorless Eldrazi spells you cast cost less to… Rare
Faerie Mechanist Artifact Creature - Faerie Artificer Flying · When Faerie Mechanist enters the battlefiel… (4) Common
Fiery Fall Instant Fiery Fall deals 5 damage to target creature. · Basi… (6) Common
Flashfreeze Instant Counter target red or green spell. (2) Uncommon
Flayer Husk Artifact - Equipment Living weapon · Equipped creature gets +1/+1. · Equip… (1) Common
Fortify Instant Choose one · Creatures you control get +2/+0 unt… (3) Common
Frogmite Artifact Creature - Frog Affinity for artifacts (4) Common
Fulminator Mage Creature - Elemental Shaman Sacrifice Fulminator Mage: Destroy target nonbasic… (3) Rare
Ghost Council of Orzhova Legendary Creature - Spirit When Ghost Council of Orzhova enters the battlefie… (4) Rare
Ghostly Changeling Creature - Shapeshifter Changeling · : Ghostly Changeling gets +1/+1 … (3) Common
Glassdust Hulk Artifact Creature - Golem Whenever another artifact enters the battlefield u… (5) Uncommon
Glint Hawk Idol Artifact Whenever another artifact enters the battlefield u… (2) Common
Gnarlid Pack Creature - Beast Multikicker · Gnarlid Pack enters the battle… (2) Common
Goblin Fireslinger Creature - Goblin Warrior : Goblin Fireslinger deals 1 damage to target p… (1) Common
Goblin War Paint Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and… (2) Common
Golgari Rot Farm Land Golgari Rot Farm enters the battlefield tapped. · Wh… Uncommon
Gorehorn Minotaurs Creature - Minotaur Warrior Bloodthirst 2 (4) Common
Grim Affliction Instant Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature, then proli… (3) Common
Gruul Turf Land Gruul Turf enters the battlefield tapped. · When Gru… Uncommon
Guile Creature - Elemental Incarnation Guile can't be blocked except by three or more cre… (6) Rare
Gust-Skimmer Artifact Creature - Insect : Gust-Skimmer gains flying until end of turn. (2) Common
Gut Shot Instant Gut Shot deals 1 damage to target creature or play… (1) Common
Hearthfire Hobgoblin Creature - Goblin Soldier Double strike (3) Uncommon
Helium Squirter Creature - Beast Mutant Graft 3 · : Target creature with a +1/+1 counter… (5) Common
Hellkite Charger Creature - Dragon Flying, haste · Whenever Hellkite Charger attacks, y… (6) Rare
Hikari, Twilight Guardian Legendary Creature - Spirit Flying · Whenever you cast a Spirit or Arcane spell,… (5) Uncommon
Horde of Notions Legendary Creature - Elemental Vigilance, trample, haste · : You may… (5) Rare
Hurkyl's Recall Instant Return all artifacts target player owns to his or … (2) Rare
Incandescent Soulstoke Creature - Elemental Shaman Other Elemental creatures you control get +1/+1. · {… (3) Uncommon
Indomitable Archangel Creature - Angel Flying · Metalcraft Artifacts you control have shr… (4) Rare
Inexorable Tide Enchantment Whenever you cast a spell, proliferate. (5) Rare
Inner-Flame Igniter Creature - Elemental Warrior : Creatures you control get +1/+0 until end … (3) Common
Instill Infection Instant Put a -1/-1 counter on target creature. · Draw a car… (4) Common
Iona, Shield of Emeria Legendary Creature - Angel Flying · As Iona, Shield of Emeria enters the battle… (9) Mythic Rare
Izzet Boilerworks Land Izzet Boilerworks enters the battlefield tapped. · W… Uncommon
Kami of Ancient Law Creature - Spirit Sacrifice Kami of Ancient Law: Destroy target ench… (2) Common
Karn Liberated Planeswalker - Karn (6) +4: Target player exiles a card from his or her ha… (7) Mythic Rare
Karplusan Strider Creature - Yeti Karplusan Strider can't be the target of blue or b… (4) Uncommon
Kavu Primarch Creature - Kavu Kicker · Convoke · If Kavu Primarch was kicked, … (4) Common
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker Legendary Creature - Goblin Shaman Haste · : Create a token that's a copy of target … (5) Mythic Rare
Kitesail Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature gets +1/+0 and has flying. · Equip… (2) Common
Kor Duelist Creature - Kor Soldier As long as Kor Duelist is equipped, it has double … (1) Uncommon
Kozilek's Predator Creature - Eldrazi Drone When Kozilek's Predator enters the battlefield, pu… (4) Common
Kozilek, Butcher of Truth Legendary Creature - Eldrazi When you cast Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, draw four… (10) Mythic Rare
Leyline of Sanctity Enchantment If Leyline of Sanctity is in your opening hand, yo… (4) Rare
Lightning Bolt Instant Lightning Bolt deals 3 damage to target creature o… (1) Uncommon
Lodestone Golem Artifact Creature - Golem Nonartifact spells cost more to cast. (4) Rare
Lodestone Myr Artifact Creature - Myr Trample · Tap an untapped artifact you control: Lode… (4) Rare
Long-Forgotten Gohei Artifact Arcane spells you cast cost less to cast. · Spir… (3) Rare
Lorescale Coatl Creature - Snake Whenever you draw a card, you may put a +1/+1 coun… (3) Uncommon
Mana Leak Instant Counter target spell unless its controller pays {3… (2) Common
Matca Rioters Creature - Human Warrior Domain Matca Rioters's power and toughness are e… (3) Common
Midnight Banshee Creature - Spirit Wither · At the beginning of your upkeep, put a -1/… (6) Rare
Mighty Leap Instant Target creature gets +2/+2 and gains flying until … (2) Common
Mirran Crusader Creature - Human Knight Double strike, protection from black and from gree… (3) Rare
Mirror Entity Creature - Shapeshifter Changeling · : Until end of turn, creatures you … (3) Rare
Moonlit Strider Creature - Spirit Sacrifice Moonlit Strider: Target creature you con… (4) Common
Mortarpod Artifact - Equipment Living weapon · Equipped creature gets +0/+1 and ha… (2) Uncommon
Mox Opal Legendary Artifact Metalcraft : Add one mana of any color to you… (0) Mythic Rare
Mulldrifter Creature - Elemental Flying · When Mulldrifter enters the battlefield, dr… (5) Uncommon
Mutagenic Growth Instant Target creature gets +2/+2 until end of turn. (1) Uncommon
Myr Enforcer Artifact Creature - Myr Affinity for artifacts (7) Common
Myrsmith Creature - Human Artificer Whenever you cast an artifact spell, you may pay {… (2) Uncommon
Mystic Snake Creature - Snake Flash · When Mystic Snake enters the battlefield, co… (4) Rare
Nameless Inversion Tribal Instant - Shapeshifter Changeling · Target creature gets +3/-3 and loses a… (2) Common
Narcolepsy Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · At the beginning of each upkeep, … (2) Common
Necrogenesis Enchantment : Exile target creature card from a graveyard. … (2) Uncommon
Necroskitter Creature - Elemental Wither · Whenever a creature an opponent controls w… (3) Rare
Nest Invader Creature - Eldrazi Drone When Nest Invader enters the battlefield, create a… (2) Common
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Legendary Creature - Dragon Wizard Flying · Whenever you draw a card, Niv-Mizzet, the F… (6) Rare
Nobilis of War Creature - Spirit Avatar Flying · Attacking creatures you control get +2/+0. (5) Rare
Noble Hierarch Creature - Human Druid Exalted · : Add , , or to your mana po… (1) Rare
Novijen Sages Creature - Human Advisor Mutant Graft 4 · , Remove two +1/+1 counters from among… (6) Uncommon
Oblivion Ring Enchantment When Oblivion Ring enters the battlefield, exile a… (3) Uncommon
Orzhov Basilica Land Orzhov Basilica enters the battlefield tapped. · Whe… Uncommon
Otherworldly Journey Instant - Arcane Exile target creature. At the beginning of the nex… (2) Common
Overwhelm Sorcery Convoke · Creatures you control get +3/+3 until end… (7) Uncommon
Overwhelming Stampede Sorcery Until end of turn, creatures you control gain tram… (5) Rare
Pelakka Wurm Creature - Wurm Trample · When Pelakka Wurm enters the battlefield, … (7) Uncommon
Pillory of the Sleepless Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Enchanted creature can't attack o… (3) Uncommon
Plagued Rusalka Creature - Spirit , Sacrifice a creature: Target creature gets -1… (1) Common
Plaxcaster Frogling Creature - Frog Mutant Graft 3 · : Target creature with a +1/+1 counter… (3) Uncommon
Plummet Instant Destroy target creature with flying. (2) Common
Precursor Golem Artifact Creature - Golem When Precursor Golem enters the battlefield, put t… (5) Rare
Primeval Titan Creature - Giant Trample · Whenever Primeval Titan enters the battlef… (6) Mythic Rare
Profane Command Sorcery Choose two · Target player loses X life. · Retur… (2) Rare
Puppeteer Clique Creature - Faerie Wizard Flying · When Puppeteer Clique enters the battlefiel… (5) Rare
Qumulox Creature - Beast Affinity for artifacts · Flying (8) Uncommon
Raise the Alarm Instant Create two 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens. (2) Common
Rakdos Carnarium Land Rakdos Carnarium enters the battlefield tapped. · Wh… Uncommon
Rampant Growth Sorcery Search your library for a basic land card and put … (2) Common
Reassembling Skeleton Creature - Skeleton Warrior : Return Reassembling Skeleton from your gra… (2) Uncommon
Remand Instant Counter target spell. If that spell is countered t… (2) Uncommon
Repeal Instant Return target nonland permanent with converted man… (1) Common
Restless Apparition Creature - Spirit : Restless Apparition gets +3/+3 un… (3) Uncommon
Root-Kin Ally Creature - Elemental Warrior Convoke · Tap two untapped creatures you control: R… (6) Uncommon
Runed Servitor Artifact Creature - Construct When Runed Servitor dies, each player draws a card… (2) Common
Rusted Relic Artifact Metalcraft Rusted Relic is a 5/5 Golem artifact … (4) Common
Savage Twister Sorcery Savage Twister deals X damage to each creature. (2) Uncommon
Scatter the Seeds Instant Convoke · Put three 1/1 green Saproling creature to… (5) Common
Scavenger Drake Creature - Drake Flying · Whenever another creature dies, you may put… (4) Uncommon
Scion of the Wild Creature - Avatar Scion of the Wild's power and toughness are each e… (3) Common
Scute Mob Creature - Insect At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control fi… (1) Rare
Scuttling Death Creature - Spirit Sacrifice Scuttling Death: Target creature gets -1… (5) Common
Selesnya Guildmage Creature - Elf Wizard : Create a 1/1 green Saproling creature toke… (2) Uncommon
Selesnya Sanctuary Land Selesnya Sanctuary enters the battlefield tapped. · … Uncommon
Shadowmage Infiltrator Creature - Human Wizard Fear · Whenever Shadowmage Infiltrator deals combat… (3) Rare
Shrewd Hatchling Creature - Elemental Shrewd Hatchling enters the battlefield with four … (4) Uncommon
Shrivel Sorcery All creatures get -1/-1 until end of turn. (2) Common
Sickle Ripper Creature - Elemental Warrior Wither (2) Common
Sickleslicer Artifact - Equipment Living weapon · Equipped creature gets +2/+2. · Equip… (3) Common
Sigil Blessing Instant Until end of turn, target creature you control get… (2) Uncommon
Sign in Blood Sorcery Target player draws two cards and loses 2 life. (2) Common
Simic Growth Chamber Land Simic Growth Chamber enters the battlefield tapped… Uncommon
Simic Initiate Creature - Human Mutant Graft 1 (1) Common
Skarrgan Firebird Creature - Phoenix Bloodthirst 3 · Flying · : Return Skarrgan F… (6) Uncommon
Skyhunter Skirmisher Creature - Cat Knight Flying, double strike (3) Common
Skyreach Manta Artifact Creature - Fish Sunburst · Flying (5) Common
Smash to Smithereens Instant Destroy target artifact. Smash to Smithereens deal… (2) Common
Smokebraider Creature - Elemental Shaman : Add two mana in any combination of colors to … (2) Common
Somber Hoverguard Creature - Drone Affinity for artifacts · Flying (6) Common
Soulbright Flamekin Creature - Elemental Shaman : Target creature gains trample until end of tu… (2) Common
Spectral Procession Sorcery Create three 1/1 white Spirit creature tokens with… (6) Uncommon
Spellskite Artifact Creature - Horror : Change a target of target spell or ability t… (2) Rare
Sphere of the Suns Artifact Sphere of the Suns enters the battlefield tapped a… (2) Common
Spikeshot Elder Creature - Goblin Shaman : Spikeshot Elder deals damage equal to i… (1) Rare
Spitebellows Creature - Elemental When Spitebellows leaves the battlefield, it deals… (6) Uncommon
Splinter Twin Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Enchanted creature has ": Put … (4) Rare
Spread the Sickness Sorcery Destroy target creature, then proliferate. (5) Uncommon
Steady Progress Instant Proliferate. · Draw a card. (3) Common
Stoic Rebuttal Instant Metalcraft Stoic Rebuttal costs less to cast… (3) Common
Stormblood Berserker Creature - Human Berserker Bloodthirst 2 · Menace (2) Uncommon
Sundering Vitae Instant Convoke · Destroy target artifact or enchantment. (3) Common
Sunforger Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature gets +4/+0. · , Unattach Sun… (3) Rare
Sunlance Sorcery Sunlance deals 3 damage to target nonwhite creatur… (1) Common
Sunspear Shikari Creature - Cat Soldier As long as Sunspear Shikari is equipped, it has fi… (2) Common
Surgical Extraction Instant Choose target card in a graveyard other than a bas… (1) Rare
Surrakar Spellblade Creature - Surrakar Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, you… (3) Rare
Swans of Bryn Argoll Creature - Bird Spirit Flying · If a source would deal damage to Swans of B… (4) Rare
Sylvan Bounty Instant Target player gains 8 life. · Basic landcycling {… (6) Common
Taj-Nar Swordsmith Creature - Cat Soldier When Taj-Nar Swordsmith enters the battlefield, yo… (4) Uncommon
Tarmogoyf Creature - Lhurgoyf Tarmogoyf's power is equal to the number of card t… (2) Mythic Rare
Telling Time Instant Look at the top three cards of your library. Put o… (2) Common
Terashi's Grasp Sorcery - Arcane Destroy target artifact or enchantment. You gain l… (3) Common
Tezzeret the Seeker Planeswalker - Tezzeret (4) +1: Untap up to two target artifacts. · -X: Search y… (5) Mythic Rare
Tezzeret's Gambit Sorcery Draw two cards, then proliferate. (4) Uncommon
Thief of Hope Creature - Spirit Whenever you cast a Spirit or Arcane spell, target… (3) Common
Thoughtcast Sorcery Affinity for artifacts · Draw two cards. (5) Common
Thrive Sorcery Put a +1/+1 counter on each of X target creatures. (1) Common
Thrummingbird Creature - Bird Horror Flying · Whenever Thrummingbird deals combat damage … (2) Common
Thunderblust Creature - Elemental Haste · Thunderblust has trample as long as it has a… (5) Rare
Tribal Flames Sorcery Domain Tribal Flames deals X damage to target cr… (2) Common
Tukatongue Thallid Creature - Fungus When Tukatongue Thallid dies, create a 1/1 green S… (1) Common
Tumble Magnet Artifact Tumble Magnet enters the battlefield with three ch… (3) Uncommon
Ulamog's Crusher Creature - Eldrazi Annihilator 2 · Ulamog's Crusher attacks each turn … (8) Common
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre Legendary Creature - Eldrazi When you cast Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre, destroy t… (11) Mythic Rare
Vampire Lacerator Creature - Vampire Warrior At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life u… (1) Common
Vampire Outcasts Creature - Vampire Bloodthirst 2 · Lifelink (4) Uncommon
Vapor Snag Instant Return target creature to its owner's hand. Its co… (1) Common
Vendilion Clique Legendary Creature - Faerie Wizard Flash · Flying · When Vendilion Clique enters the batt… (3) Mythic Rare
Vengeful Rebirth Sorcery Return target card from your graveyard to your han… (6) Uncommon
Viashino Slaughtermaster Creature - Viashino Warrior Double strike · : Viashino Slaughtermaster get… (2) Common
Vigean Graftmage Creature - Vedalken Wizard Mutant Graft 2 · : Untap target creature with a +1/+… (3) Common
Vines of Vastwood Instant Kicker · Target creature can't be the target of… (1) Common
Waking Nightmare Sorcery - Arcane Target player discards two cards. (3) Common
Water Servant Creature - Elemental : Water Servant gets +1/-1 until end of turn. · {… (4) Uncommon
Waxmane Baku Creature - Spirit Whenever you cast a Spirit or Arcane spell, you ma… (3) Common
Wayfarer's Bauble Artifact , , Sacrifice Wayfarer's Bauble: Search your… (1) Common
Wildfire Sorcery Each player sacrifices four lands. Wildfire deals … (6) Rare
Wilt-Leaf Liege Creature - Elf Knight Other green creatures you control get +1/+1. · Other… (4) Rare
Wings of Velis Vel Tribal Instant - Shapeshifter Changeling · Until end of turn, target creature has… (2) Common
Wolfbriar Elemental Creature - Elemental Multikicker · When Wolfbriar Elemental enters t… (4) Rare
Worldheart Phoenix Creature - Phoenix Flying · You may cast Worldheart Phoenix from your g… (4) Uncommon
Wrap in Flames Sorcery Wrap in Flames deals 1 damage to each of up to thr… (4) Common
Wrecking Ball Instant Destroy target creature or land. (4) Uncommon
Æthersnipe Creature - Elemental When Æthersnipe enters the battlefield, return tar… (6) Common


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