Editions » [OPC2] Planechase 2012 Planes (40 Cartes)

40 Cartes

Nr. Nom de Carte Catégorie Texte Mana Rareté
9 Plane - Zendikar Players may cast enchantment spells as though they… CCommon
10 Plane - Kephalai When you planeswalk to Aretopolis or at the beginn… CCommon
11 Plane - Kolbahan No more than one creature can attack each combat. · … CCommon
12 Plane - Equilor Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, it gai… CCommon
1 Phenomenon When you encounter Chaotic Aether, each blank roll… CCommon
13 Plane - Belenon If a creature you control would untap during your … CCommon
14 Plane - New Phyrexia When you planeswalk to Furnace Layer or at the beg… CCommon
15 Plane - Innistrad All creatures have vigilance. · Whenever you roll {… CCommon
16 Plane - Lorwyn At end of combat, you may exchange control of targ… CCommon
17 Plane - Ravnica Whenever a creature dies, its controller distribut… CCommon
18 Plane - Fabacin When you planeswalk to Grove of the Dreampods or a… CCommon
19 Plane - Zendikar Creatures with power 7 or greater can't attack or … CCommon
2 Phenomenon When you encounter Interplanar Tunnel, reveal card… CCommon
20 Plane - Alara Whenever a player casts a black, red, or green cre… CCommon
21 Plane - Innistrad Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt by n… CCommon
22 Plane - Mongseng Whenever a creature you control attacks a player, … CCommon
23 Plane - Ravnica When you planeswalk to Kilnspire District or at th… CCommon
24 Plane - Azgol At the beginning of your upkeep, sacrifice a creat… CCommon
3 Phenomenon When you encounter Morphic Tide, each player shuff… CCommon
25 Plane - Regatha At the beginning of your end step, put a pressure … CCommon
4 Phenomenon When you encounter Mutual Epiphany, each player dr… CCommon
26 Plane - Innistrad At the beginning of your end step, put the top sev… CCommon
27 Plane - New Phyrexia When you planeswalk away from Norn's Dominion, des… CCommon
28 Plane - Shandalar All creatures are black and have deathtouch. · When… CCommon
29 Plane - Kamigawa Whenever a creature you control deals combat damag… CCommon
30 Plane - Ravnica When you planeswalk away from Orzhova, each player… CCommon
5 Phenomenon When you encounter Planewide Disaster, destroy all… CCommon
31 Plane - Ravnica If you cast a spell this turn, you can't attack wi… CCommon
32 Plane - Mirrodin When you planeswalk to Quicksilver Sea or at the b… CCommon
6 Phenomenon When you encounter Reality Shaping, starting with … CCommon
33 Plane - Ravnica If an effect would create one or more tokens, it c… CCommon
7 Phenomenon When you encounter Spatial Merging, reveal cards f… CCommon
34 Plane - Innistrad Whenever a creature deals damage to one or more pl… CCommon
35 Plane - Kamigawa Whenever a creature leaves the battlefield, its co… CCommon
36 Plane - Dominaria Any time you could cast a sorcery, you may exile a… CCommon
40 Plane - Kyneth Creatures with flying get +2/+0. · Creatures withou… CCommon
8 Phenomenon When you encounter Time Distortion, reverse the ga… CCommon
37 Plane - Vryn Instant and sorcery spells have rebound. · Wheneve… CCommon
38 Plane - Ergamon All lands have ": Add one mana of any color." · … CCommon
39 Plane - Belenon Players play with the top card of their libraries … CCommon
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