Sets » [FRF_UGIN] Ugin's Fate promos Cards (26)

[FRF_UGIN] Ugin's Fate promos

These are all 26 Magic: The Gathering cards from the set "Ugin's Fate promos" that are currently in our card database! If you spot a mistake here, please contact us!
Legal in: EDH / Commander · Oathbreaker · Legacy · Vintage

[FRF_UGIN] Ugin's Fate promos Cards (26)

Nr. Card Name Type Text Mana Rarity
Creature - Hound Scout First strike · Morph CCommon
Artifact Whenever another permanent enters the battlefield … RRare
Creature - Beast Whenever Arashin War Beast deals combat damage to … UUncommon
Sorcery Arc Lightning deals 3 damage divided as you choose… UUncommon
Artifact Briber's Purse enters the battlefield with X gem c… UUncommon
Enchantment - Aura Enchant creature · Enchanted creature gets -2/-2. CCommon
Instant Put two +1/+1 counters on target creature and unta… CCommon
Sorcery Manifest the top card of your library, then put tw… CCommon
Sorcery Manifest the top card of your library, then put a … CCommon
Artifact - Equipment Equipped creature gets +2/+2. · Equip · Ghostfire … RRare
Creature - Human Wizard Morph · Whenever another nontoken creature you … RRare
Artifact Creature - Golem Cast Hewed Stone Retainers only if you've cast ano… UUncommon
Creature - Goblin Rogue Morph · When Jeering Instigator is turned fa… RRare
Creature - Human Monk Jeskai Infiltrator can't be blocked as long as you… RRare
Enchantment Whenever a permanent you control is turned face up… RRare
Creature - Human Monk Mystic of the Hidden Way can't be blocked. · Morph {… CCommon
Instant Exile target creature. Its controller manifests th… UUncommon
Creature - Human Assassin Deathtouch · Morph—Reveal a black card in your hand.… UUncommon
Instant Destroy target creature with power 4 or greater. CCommon
Sorcery Manifest the top card of your library. CCommon
Creature - Zombie Warrior When Sultai Emissary dies, manifest the top card o… CCommon
Artifact Creature - Construct When Ugin's Construct enters the battlefield, sacr… UUncommon
Legendary Planeswalker - Ugin (7) +2: Ugin, the Spirit Dragon deals 3 damage to any … MMythic Rare
Creature - Bird Soldier Flying · Morph—Reveal a white card in your hand. · Wh… UUncommon
Sorcery Manifest the top card of your library, then put X … RRare
Sorcery Look at the top two cards of your library. Manifes… CCommon


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