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[UGL] Unglued Cards (89)

Build a new Unglued deck These are all 89 Magic: The Gathering cards from the set "Unglued" that are currently in our card database! If you spot a mistake here, please contact us!

[UGL] Unglued Cards (89)

Card Name Type Text Mana Rarity
Ashnod's Coupon Artifact , Sacrifice Ashnod's Coupon: Target player gets… (0) Rare
Big Furry Monster Summon The Biggest, Baddest, Nastiest, You must play both B.F.M. cards to put · leaves pla… Rare
Blacker Lotus Artifact : Tear Blacker Lotus into pieces. Add four mana… (0) Rare
Bronze Calendar Artifact Your spells cost 1 less to play as long as you spe… (4) Uncommon
Bureaucracy Enchantment Pursuant to subsection 3.1 of Richard's Rules of O… (5) Rare
Burning Cinder Fury of Crimson Chaos Fire Enchantment Whenever any player taps a card, that player gives… (4) Rare
Cardboard Carapace Enchant Creature For each other Cardboard Carapace card you have wi… (6) Rare
Censorship Enchantment When Censorship comes into play, choose a [CENSORE… (1) Uncommon
Chaos Confetti Artifact , : Tear Chaos Confetti into pieces. Throw t… (4) Common
Charm School Enchant Player When Charm School comes into play, choose a color … (3) Uncommon
Checks and Balances Enchantment Whenever any spell is played, counter that spell i… (3) Uncommon
Chicken à la King Summon Chicken Whenever a 6 is rolled on a six-sided die, put a +… (3) Rare
Chicken Egg Summon Egg During your upkeep, roll a six-sided die. On a (2) Common
Clam Session Summon Clamfolk When Clam Session comes into play, choose a word. · … (3) Common
Clam-I-Am Summon Clamfolk Whenever you roll a 3 on a six-sided die, you may … (3) Common
Clambassadors Summon Clamfolk If Clambassadors damages any player, choose an art… (4) Common
Clay Pigeon Artifact Creature Flying · , Throw Clay Pigeon into the air at leas… (3) Uncommon
Common Courtesy Enchantment Counter any spell unless its caster asks your perm… (4) Uncommon
Deadhead Summon Zombie Put Deadhead into play. Use this ability only if a… (4) Common
Denied! Interrupt Play Denied! only as any opponent casts target spe… (1) Common
Double Cross Sorcery Choose another player. Look at that player's hand … (5) Common
Double Deal Sorcery Choose another player. Double Deal deals 3 damage … (5) Common
Double Dip Instant Choose another player. Gain 5 life now and an addi… (5) Common
Double Play Sorcery Choose another player. Search your library for a b… (5) Common
Double Take Instant Choose another player. Draw two cards now and draw… (5) Common
Elvish Impersonators Summon Elves When you play Elvish Impersonators, roll two six-s… (4) Common
Flock of Rabid Sheep Sorcery Flip X coins; an opponent calls heads or tails. Fo… (2) Uncommon
Forest Basic Land - Forest Common
Fowl Play Enchant Creature Enchanted creature loses all abilities and is a 1/… (3) Common
Free-for-All Enchantment When Free-for-All comes into play, set aside all c… (4) Rare
Free-Range Chicken Summon Chicken 1oG Roll two six-sided dice. If both die rolls are… (4) Common
Gerrymandering Sorcery Remove all lands from play and shuffle them togeth… (3) Uncommon
Get a Life Instant Target player and each of his or her teammates exc… (1) Uncommon
Ghazban Ogress Summon Ogre When Ghazban Ogress comes into play, the player wh… (1) Common
Giant Fan Artifact , : Move target counter from one card to ano… (4) Rare
Goblin Bookie Summon Goblin , : Reflip any coin or reroll any die. (1) Common
Goblin Bowling Team Summon Goblins Whenever Goblin Bowling Team damages any creature … (4) Common
Goblin Tutor Instant Roll a six-sided die for Goblin Tutor. On a , G… (1) Uncommon
Growth Spurt Instant Roll a six-sided die. Target creature gets +X/+X u… (2) Common
Gus Summon Gus Gus comes into play with one +1/+1 counter on it f… (3) Common
Handcuffs Enchantment Target player keeps both hands in contact with eac… (5) Uncommon
Hungry Hungry Heifer Summon Cow During your upkeep, remove a counter from any card… (3) Uncommon
Hurloon Wrangler Summon Minotaur Denimwalk (3) Common
I'm Rubber, You're Glue Enchantment Speak only in rhyming sentences. If you do not, sa… (2) Rare
Incoming! Sorcery Each player searches his or her library for any nu… (8) Rare
Infernal Spawn of Evil Summon Demon Beast Flying, first strike · , Reveal Infernal Spawn… (9) Rare
Island Basic Land - Island Common
Jack-in-the-Mox Artifact : Roll a six-sided die for Jack-in-the-Mox. On … (0) Rare
Jalum Grifter Summon Legend , : Put Jalum Grifter and two lands you c… (5) Rare
Jester's Sombrero Artifact , , Sacrifice Jester's Sombrero: Look throug… (2) Rare
Jumbo Imp Summon Imp Flying · When you play Jumbo Imp, roll a six-sided d… (3) Uncommon
Knight of the Hokey Pokey Summon Knight First strike · , Do the Hokey Pokey : Prevent … (2) Common
Krazy Kow Summon Cow During your upkeep, roll a six-sided die. On a (4) Common
Landfill Sorcery Choose a land type. Remove from play all lands of … (5) Rare
Lexivore Summon Beast If Lexivore damages any player, destroy target car… (4) Uncommon
Look at Me, I'm the DCI Sorcery Ban one card, other than a basic land, for the rem… (7) Rare
Mesa Chicken Summon Chicken Stand up, Flap your arms, Cluck like a chicken: Me… (2) Common
Mine, Mine, Mine! Enchantment When Mine, Mine, Mine! comes into play, each playe… (6) Rare
Mirror Mirror Artifact Mirror Mirror comes into play tapped. · , , Sa… (7) Rare
Miss Demeanor Summon Lady of Proper Etiquette Flying, first strike · During each other player's tu… (4) Uncommon
Mountain Basic Land - Mountain Common
Once More with Feeling Sorcery Remove Once More with Feeling from the game as wel… (4) Rare
Organ Harvest Sorcery You and your teammates may sacrifice any number of… (1) Common
Ow Enchantment Whenever any creature damages a player, for each O… (1) Rare
Paper Tiger Artifact Creature Rock Lobsters cannot attack or block. (4) Common
Plains Basic Land - Plains Common
Poultrygeist Summon Chicken Flying · Whenever a creature is put into any graveya… (3) Common
Prismatic Wardrobe Sorcery Destroy target card that does not share a color wi… (1) Common
Psychic Network Enchantment Each player reveals the top card of his or her lib… (1) Rare
Ricochet Enchantment Whenever any spell targets a single player, each p… (1) Uncommon
Rock Lobster Artifact Creature Scissors Lizards cannot attack or block. (4) Common
Scissors Lizard Artifact Creature Paper Tigers cannot attack or block. (4) Common
Sex Appeal Instant Prevent up to 3 damage total to any number of crea… (1) Common
Sorry Enchantment Before playing any spell, if a copy of that spell … (2) Uncommon
Spark Fiend Summon Beast When Spark Fiend comes into play, roll two six-sid… (5) Rare
Spatula of the Ages Artifact , , Sacrifice Spatula of the Ages: Put into … (4) Uncommon
Squirrel Farm Enchantment 1oG Choose a card in your hand. Covering the artis… (3) Rare
Strategy, Schmategy Sorcery Roll a six-sided die for Strategy, Schmategy. On a… (2) Rare
Swamp Basic Land - Swamp Common
Team Spirit Instant All creatures controlled by target player and his … (3) Common
Temp of the Damned Summon Zombie When you play Temp of the Damned, roll a six-sided… (3) Common
The Cheese Stands Alone Enchantment If you control no cards in play other than The Che… (6) Rare
The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast® C Sorcery The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast® C… {Y}{Z} (2) Uncommon
The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast® Cu Sorcery The Ultimate Nightmare of Wizards of the Coast® Cu… {Y}{Z} (2) Uncommon
Timmy, Power Gamer Summon Legend : Put a creature into play from your hand. (4) Rare
Urza's Contact Lenses Artifact Urza's Contact Lenses comes into play tapped and d… (0) Uncommon
Urza's Science Fair Project Artifact Creature : Roll a six-sided die for Urza's Science Fair … (6) Uncommon
Volrath's Motion Sensor Enchant Player When Volrath's Motion Sensor comes into play, choo… (1) Uncommon
_____ Creature- Shapeshifter : This card's name becomes the name of your cho… (2) Uncommon


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