Sets » [PWP10] Wizards Play Network 2010 (10 Cards)

10 Cards

Nr. Card Name Type Text Mana Rarity
47 Enchantment As Curse of Wizardry enters the battlefield, choos… (4) RRare
50 Instant As an additional cost to cast this spell, sacrific… (2) RRare
60 Artifact Whenever a player casts an artifact spell, you may… (2) RRare
36 Creature - Kor Soldier (2/2) Protection from red · Whenever a player casts a red… (2) RRare
37 Creature - Beast (4/5) (3) RRare
46 Creature - Eldrazi (9/9) Annihilator 3 · Pathrazer of Ulamog can't be block… (11) RRare
59 Creature - Insect Horror (1/1) Flying · Infect (2) RRare
63 Creature - Zombie (3/3) When Skinrender enters the battlefield, put three … (4) RRare
51 Creature - Elf Scout (1/1) When Sylvan Ranger enters the battlefield, you may… (2) RRare
40 Sorcery Each other player discards a card. You draw a card… (4) RRare
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