Sets » [MZNR] Zendikar Rising Minigames (5 Cards)

[MZNR] Zendikar Rising Minigames (5 Cards)

Card Name Type Mana Rarity Nr.
Card // Card CCommon #1
2 players | 3 packs | 10 minutes · OBJECTIVE: · Competition among treasure hunters on Zendikar is fierce. Find your opponent's base camp before they find yours! · GET READY: · Open three packs, give one b…
Card CCommon #2
2 players | 2 packs | 10 minutes · OBJECTIVE: · Best your opponent in a series of fast Magic games using only the cards in a single pack! · GET READY: · Each player opens a pack and makes four face-down p…
Card // Card CCommon #3
2 players | 2 packs | 10 minutes · OBJECTIVE: · Unlike Jace, not all of us can rely on telepathy to solve a mystery. Using other cards as clues, discover all the facts about your opponent's mystery card…
Card // Card CCommon #4
2-6 players | 1 pack | 5 minutes · OBJECTIVE: · Ancient Kor ruins are being discovered across Zendikar! Be the first player to locate the ruins while avoiding the wrath of the Roil! · GET READY: · Open a …
Card // Card CCommon #5
3-6 players | 3-6 packs | 15 minutes · OBJECTIVE: · Some cards are strong in Standard, others shine in Draft, but which card looks the tastiest? Take turns being the Judge and decide which Magic card is…
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