[pauper] BGW Allys @sept '14 meta

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    adjusted for heavy MBC meta & worked over SB-Plan:
    SB: 2 journeys for 2 sabotages. main: 1 journey for doom blade (witches, crypt rats, merchant, flyers)
    good against many other decks aswell. sabotage isn't that important. Still have enough against Tron imo.

    Here the SB-Plan!:

    Delver: +4 duress +2 journey to nowhere || -2 makindi shieldmate -2 vines of vastwood -1 woodland changeling -1 nimana sellsword

    Familiar: +4 standard bearer +4 duress +2 journey to nowhere || -3 armadillo cloak -4 woodland changeling -2 makindi shieldmate -1 ondu cleric

    RUG Tron: +2 gleeful sabotage +4 duress +2 journey to nowhere || -2 avian changeling -2 makindi shieldmate -2 vines of vastwood -1 join the ranks -1 plains

    delverfiend: +3 prismatic strands +4 duress || -2 Nimana Sell-Sword -2 join the ranks -1 Woodland Changeling -1 graypelt hunter -1 Forest (standard bearer is useless when drawn to late..)

    mbc: +4 standard bearer +4 duress +2 journey to nowhere (witches, grey merchant, flyer, crypt rats) || -3 armadillo cloak -2 doom blade -2 makindi shieldmate -1 woodland changeling (pestilence: +2 gleefull sabotage instead of 2 bearer

    burn: +3 prismatic Strands +4 standard bearer +4 duress || -3 doom blade/journey -1 Graypelt Hunter -2 join the ranks -2 nimana sell-sword -2 Avian changeling -1 forest

    goblins: +3 prismatic strands +2 journey to nowhere || -2 Avian Changeling -2 Nimana Sell-Sword -1 swamp

    hexproof: +3 prismatic strands +4 standard bearer +4 duress || -1 forest -2 doom blade - 1 journey to nowhere -2 join the ranks -2 nimana sell-swords -3 armadillo cloak (to less life-gain against a 13/13 ^^)

    Stompy: +4 standard bearer +3 prismatic strands +3 duress +2 journey to nowhere || -3 join the ranks -2 Nimana Sell-Sword -2 graypelt Hunter -2 woodland changeling -1 forest -2 vines of vastwood (shouldn't be needed with all the control

    MUC: +4 duress +2 journey to nowhere || -2 Makindi Shieldmate -2 woodland changeling -2 vines of vastwood

    affinity: +2 gleeful sabotage +2 duress (basically for galvanic blast, fling and thoughtcast) +2 journey to nowhere || -2 woodland changeling -1 join the ranks -1 Nimana Sell-sword -1 armadillo cloak -1 plains

    elves: +3 Prismatic Strands +3 standard bearer +2 journey to nowhere || -2 join the ranks -2 vines of vastwood -2 Avian changeling -2 nimana sell-sword

    ww: +3 Prismatic Strands +2 duress +2 journey to nowhere +2 gleefull sabotage (splitter, golem, journey) || -4 woodland changeling -2 nimana sell-sword -1 Forest -1 join the ranks -1 avian changeling

    ub trinket control: +4 duress +2 gleeful sabotage || -3 armadillo cloak -3 doom blade

    zoo: +3 prismatic strands +4 duress +2 journey to nowhere || -2 join the ranks -2 nimana sell-sword -2 avian changeling -1 bojuka brigand -2 woodland changeling

    Izzet Control: +4 duress +4 standard bearer +2 journey to nowhere || -4 woodland chanegling -2 makindi shieldmate -3 armadillo cloak -1 forest

    Slivers: +3 prismatic strands +2 journey to nowhere || -2 nimana sell-sword -2 Avian Changeling -1 bojuka brigand

    tortured existence: +4 duress +2 journey to nowhere || -2 vines of vastwood -2 doom blade -2 avian changeling

    UB Teachings: +4 duress || -3 armadillo cloak -1 doom blade

    extort: +2 journey +4 duress || -4 woodland changeling -

    exhume: +4 duress +2 journey || -2 makindi -2 avian -1 woodland changeling -1 nimana

    illusory Tricks: +2 journey || -2 makindi shieldmate

    BorosKitty: +2 journeys +2 sabotage +4 duress || -2 shieldmate -3 woodland changeling -3 armadillo cloak

    Infect: +4 duress, +3 prismatic strands +2 journey || -2 nimana -4 cleric -3 cloak

    KeepWatch: +4 duress +3 strands || -2 shieldmate -2 avian changeling -vines? woodland changeling?

    Random Control (UW Blink etc.): +4 duress +1 journey (better is only when tapped out) || -4 woodland changeling -1 nimana

    RG Aggro: +2 journey +3 strands || -2 avian changeling -3 join the ranks

    Unearth Zombies: +2 journey +3 strands || -2 doom blade -2 avian changeling -1 woodland changeling

    Turbo Fog: +4 duress +2 sabotage || -3 cloak -3 doom blade/journey

    Tokens: +4 duress +3 prismatic strands || -2 nimana -3 doomblade/journey -2 woodland changeling

    CawBlade: +2 journeys +2 sabotages || -4 woodland changeling

    Love Train/Freed Combo: +4 duress +2 journey +2 sabotage || -2 shieldmate -3 armadillo cloak -3 ondu cleric

    BR Control: +4 duress +2 journey || -2 doom blade -3 armadillo cloak -1 woodland changeling
    Sideboard price: 25.23 € | $ 17.56
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