Colorless Eldrazi, The Great Distortion (EDH / Commander)

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    [WIP] This deck is Work in Progress (not finished)

    Eldrazi Deck
    Update 31/03/2017
    Removed some useless creatures and some artifacts to get some brand new expansion artifacts

    1 Metalworker
    1 MirrorWorks
    1 Sculpting Steel
    1 Paradox Engine
    1 Inventor's Fair

    1 Belbe's Portal
    1 Darksteel Ingot
    1 Endless One
    1 Prototype Portal
    1 Warden of Geometries
    1 wastes

    Update 31/03/2017
    Removed some manas i didn't ever used their abilitys wasn't usefull at all and put some wastes.
    9 Wastes
    1 Ruins of Oran-Rief
    1 Mage-Ring Network
    1 Haunted Fengraf
    1 Tomb of the Spirit Dragon
    1 Tectonic Edge
    1 Ghost Quarter
    1 Spawning Bed
    1 Blinkmoth Well
    1 Sea Gate Wreckage

    Update 02/05/2016
    Change the sideboard to a mabyboard topic here:

    1 Deathless Behemoth
    1 Eldrazi Devastator
    1 Hand of Emrakul
    1 Pathrazer of Ulamog
    1 Ruin Processor
    1 Ulamog's Despoiler
    1 Thought Vessel
    1 Dread Statuary
    1 Scroll Rack
    1 Urza's Mine
    1 Urza's Power Plant
    1 Urza's Tower
    1 Caged Sun
    1 Radiant Fountain
    1 Reliquary Tower
    1 Blasted Landscape
    1 Gargoyle Castle
    1 Urza's Factory
    1 Chromatic Lantern
    1 Solemn Simulacrum
    1 Burnished Hart
    1 Blinkmoth Urn
    1 Phyrexia's Core
    1 Blinkmoth Well
    1 Commander's Sphere
    1 Stoneforge Masterwork
    1 Cloud Key
    1 Tower of Fortunes
    1 Brittle Effigy
    1 Quicksilver Amulet
    1 Spine of Ish Sah
    1 Seer's Lantern
    1 Skittering Invasion
    1 Chrome Mox
    1 Coldsteel Heart
    1 Howling Mine
    1 That Which Was Taken
    1 Unwinding Clock

    Updates 23/03/2016
    Lands changes:
    Changed the basic lands for non-basics that add {c}, i implemented a combo with Cloudpost and Vesuva, that could make you ramp some manas out of it (2 cloudpost equal to 4 {c}, both can tap and make 2 manas, and if you are lucky you can get Glimmerpost so that will be 6{c}).
    Added Hall of the Bandit Lord, i think pay 3 life for a Ulamog, or a Kozilek with haste, worth it ^^
    Yea i finally added the Rings of Brighthearth, i was a bit worried about becose of the infinite mana combo with Monolith and i didn't wanted to cheat... but Skittering Invasion, was so usless on the deck... i tryed to use it ... but always when i have 7 manas i have something more important that summon some 0/1 eldrazis that produce mana... so i removed.

    1 Glimmerpost
    1 Cloudpost
    1 Vesuva
    1 Winding Canyons
    1 Hall of the Bandit Lord
    1 Rings of Brighthearth
    1 Blinkmoth Well

    1 Skittering Invasion
    5 Wastes
    1 Myriad Landscape

    Updates 14/03/2016
    Added a new display, so you can see how many removals the deck have, and all the mana artefacts, all the draw efect cards, easy to analise the deck now.

    1 Rings of Brighthearth
    1 Ur-Golem's Eye
    1 DarkSteel Ingot
    1 Grim Monolith
    1 Akroma's Memorial
    1 Quicksilver Amulet
    1 Lion's Eye Diamond
    1 Chalice of the Void
    1 Karn Liberated
    1 Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
    1 Mishra's Workshop
    1 Scorched Ruins

    1 Cloud Key
    1 Tower of Fortunes
    1 Brittle Effigy
    1 Commander's Sphere
    1 Stoneforge Masterwork
    1 Seer's Lantern
    1 Gruesome Slaughter
    1 Cloudpost
    1 Glimmerpost

    Some explanaition :
    Tested the deck, it works very fine, some times you run out of mana, or you can't just ramp fast enought to dont lose before you spawn your Eldrazi "GODS", so i decided to put more mana generation cards.
    About Lion's Eye Diamond, some times you wanna just throw your hand to get does extra 3 mana for commander, the great thing about Kozilek, The Great Distortion, is that he let you get 7 extra cards, so is a great deal change your hand to see, if you draw some game changing card.
    Ive also see some cards that are nice cards but mostly of time you just can't use em, so i decided to remove em.
    Cloud Key is a great card, but at all gerenating mana is beter for his mana cost, becose you use artifacts in this deck also, so ive changed it for a mana generating artifact.
    Getting some extra draws is cool, also but , when you are with like 8 mana most of time you can get your comander or sumon some strong Eldrazi so most of the time you prefere use the mana for other things.
    About Stoneforge MasterWork, ive prefered Akroma's Memorial haste is insane for Eldrazi, and you are a high mana builder machine, so the cost won't be a problem to summon a hasted "God"
    About lands, Ive played over 30 to 40 times with this deck, and i never got Cloudpost with Glimmerpost combo, so ... is not a big deal have both in deck.




    This deck does not appear to be legal in EDH / Commander.

    Problems: A commander deck should contain exactly 100 cards, including the commander. · Paradox Engine is banned. · Black Lotus is banned.

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