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I stomp my local casual table so this is cEDH right? AKA: Land of Pain 2.0 AKA: Curiosity killed the Blue Mage (EDH / Commander)

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    You may be thinking to yourself, "Josh what is this pile of shit you call "cEDH"?"

    Good Question. A while ago while off my tits I joked about a sans blue Curious Control list with Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa. It was a bad idea then and it still is! This was laughed about and I tried to brew it as a joke. Once Tymna hit the 98 however I realized it was just shit blood pod...

    Most cEDH brewers would stop there. Its just a bad version of an already existing deck that brings nothing new to the table, just a slower, shittier Blood Pod. We all laughed and assumed that was the last we would ever see of "Sidar Fucking Kondo" at cEDH. Ever.

    Unfortunately, we were wrong...

    To my surprise SplitSecond made a video of a cEDH game with "fringe" decks. Cool!
    Markov Razakats. Seems fun. I'm an edgy emo still at heart so seeing my vamp boi take to the cEDH table always makes me smile, it's also imo a really creative use of his ability!
    Chulane Aluren. Fantastic and fun commander with a really unique line to combo!
    Taigam Turns. A well piloted taking turns deck can really put in work! Excited to see how this version of turns differs from the likes of Yuriko or Edric! I've yet to see this deck in action!

    Then, the last deck.

    Named aptly "Land of Pain" is a Vial Smasher, Sidar Kondo deck.

    I had to double take. Were my eyes deceiving me? This cannot be true! Did the flash ban really shake the meta up THAT much? Was Tymna banned without my knowledge so they had to find other ways to play bloodpod? I needed to see for myself!

    What awaited me was one of the largest cluster-fucks I've ever seen. A sans blue DAMAGE DOUBLING cEDH deck that looked like a poor mans attempt at playing Blood Pod without the Blood Moon or the Birthing Pod.

    The deck name finally made sense as I was in pain viewing the list.

    The meme became a reality, and the cover card was Wound Reflection.

    I gazed upon this deck in complete awe. Trying to bring myself to understand what it was I was looking at.

    After I regained my composure and injected a full syringe of disinfectant at our lord and savior, Donand Trump's, recommendation. I decided to have another go at my meme brew. Because it could not be worse than what I saw this day.

    So here it is! "Land of Pain" 2.0. (Or Curiosity Killed the Blue Mage)

    (I am exaggerating for comedic effect, I have no personal vendetta against SplitSecond. Keep up the good work lads. But I'm sorry, this brew was a little gash.)


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