Mono Black Devotion (Modified - Budget) (Modern)

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    [WIP] This deck is Work in Progress (not finished)


    As the base deck list:

    With mods and substitutions based on
    as well as what have, to reduce the cost (either via cheaper cards or what I have already). If anyone reads this and has suggestions or recommendations for stupid replacements I've made feel free to say something.

    Mainboard Replacements:

    - 1 x Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet with Gifted Aetherborn
    - 4 x IoK with Duress (Crap alternative, but its cheap and I have loads. Can also replace with some one offs that I have that are very similar or the same effect)
    - 2 x Fatal Push with Doom blade (have one already, cheaper option)
    - 1 x Fatal Push with Murderous Cut (cheaper option)
    - 1 x Fatal Push with Go for the Throat (")
    - 1 x Dismember with Go for the Throat (")
    - 4 x Swamp with Evolving Wilds (for deck thinning. Could potentially drop in some alternate dual lands or c/less for splashing)

    Sideboard Replacements:
    - 1 x Murderous Cut with Pithing Needle (Negate some tricky things)
    - 1 x Ultimate Price with Pithing Needle (")
    - 3 x Nihil Spellbomb with Bojuka Bog (I like the utility of having a land, as opposed to having an artifact, unless I can get some bounce or synergies going)
    - 2 x Rain of Tears with Mind Rot (Not really the same, do have alternate cards as well with the same or similar effects for varying costs that are probably worth including as well to help remove other things from hand)
    - 2 x Ratchet Bomb with Mind Rot (")
    - 2 x Mutilate with Flaying Tendrils (Weaker alternative, do have a couple other options that are more powerful for single targets that could be used instead)

    Notes & Ideas
    - Cards marked with $ I need to buy. Number of $ equates to how many to purchase
    - Maybeboard is upgrades and improvements
    - Lifelink/damage combos with Whip and Sanguine Bond sound amusing. Potential to build an infinite combo deck?
    - If building towards a combo deck then tutors of some description are probably a worthwhile inclusion.

    Play notes
    - struggles hard into artifact heavy decks
    - building a big life total via lifelink can make it possible to stall to topdeck a win (eg. Gary)
    - dismember would be useful to counter to big creature buffs
    - flailing tendrils would be handy into token heavy decks


    Sideboard price: 17.24 € | $ 18.34


    This deck appears to be legal in Modern!

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