Locust Swarm (Standard)

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    A basic UR control shell with the Locust God as a finisher. Use the Memory half of Commit // Memory with a flipped Primal Amulet to put 14 1/1 haste fliers on the board.

    - Mainboard is tuned for Temur Energy game 1.

    - Metallic Mimic, name insects. 28 flying power on the board.

    - Star of Extinction really only costs 6 with Primal Amulet, breaks the board state of Temur Energy no matter how many counters they put on Bristling Hydra or Longtusk Cub. Be careful using it game 2 if they have mana up as they will likely have Negate.

    - Scarab God package is in the side because I own one and it's good, etc. Also it gives you something to put on board if they are likely to Ixalan's Binding your Locust God (;_;) If you tapped out and they Ixalan's Binding you, your only chance otherwise is to cast Commit.

    - If you copy Memory, it goes on the stack twice. If you have open mana, be sure to Shock and Opt from your refilled hand before the second trigger goes off for free damage or extra locusts.


    Sideboard price: 47.58 € | $ 28.81


    This deck does not appear to be legal in Standard (Season from Oct 18)!

    Problems: Not legal in this format: Aether Hub, Desert of the Fervent, Desert of the Mindful, Spirebluff Canal, Censor, Commit // Memory, Disallow, Glimmer of Genius, Hour of Devastation, Pull from Tomorrow, Metallic Mimic, The Locust God, Abrade, Baral, Chief of Compliance, Canyon Slough, Fetid Pools, Jace's Defeat, Magma Spray, Sweltering Suns, The Scarab God.

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