RB Rakdos Control - Death of Fire (M19) (Standard)

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    The idea is to permanently harm the opponent, to control the board and the opponent and finally shoot him!

    With "Duress" we take away from the opponent the decisive cards that could annoy us.

    We have enough direct damage to destroy opposing creatures.
    Banefire, Abrade, Cut // Ribbons, Lightning Strike, Fight with Fire, Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Vraska's Contempt, and Yahenni's Expertise.

    At the same time we have many spells where we can live directly away from the enemy! Banefire, Cut // Ribbons, Lightning Strike, Sovereign's Bite, Torment of Hailfire, Fight with Fire, Chandra, Torch of Defiance, and Yahenni's Expertise.

    We play only a few creatures because we are a control deck, so we do not need that. The creatures we play help our strategy.
    The most important is "Neheb, the Eternal", which he does harm and the more damage we do, the more mana we can get.
    What we in turn can use for many finishers!
    "Banefire", "Cut // Ribbons", "Torment of Hailfire" and "Fight with Fire".

    "Combustible Gearhulk" gives the enemy an unpleasant situation, does he give us cards or does he harm? So we can only win, no matter how our opponent will decide!

    With "The Scorpion God" we can eliminate enemy creatures, have a blocker who can annoy an opponent for a long time!

    Our two plan walkers "Chandra, Torch of Defiance" and "Jaya Ballard" both give us mana, which we need for our expensive spells. You can also draw more cards or shoot down enemy creatures. in the lategame, we can all play spells out of the graveyard, i love it !!!

    We have a great tutor in the deck to either pick the game-winning card from the deck or sideboard! That's why the sideboard is sorted so that, for many situations, you have the right finisher to finish a game with it!

    With suggestions, ideas or criticism, I would be very happy about it! :)


    Precio del banquillo: 35.64 € | $ 25.66

    ¡Este mazo parece haber sido ser legal para Standard (Temporada Apr 18 — Oct 18)!

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