Revel without Applause (Arena) (Standard) [Revision 1]

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    Just your typical fun-loving Rakdos Burn deck.

    This is a variant of the ever-popular Red Deck Wins, but leveraging the new toys Rakdos has gifted us to cause even more MAYHEM!!!

    Judith is the MPV of the deck, letting your weenies trade up quite significantly when they are blocked. She also is a nice insurance against board wipes -- your opponent might think twice about using Deafening Clarion if they are taking 5 to the face at the same time. In fact, this decks might need even MORE creatures to take advantage of Judith's bonkers effect!

    I'm trying out Theater of Horrors over the more traditional Experimental Frenzy. Theater offers several advantages:
    1. You have access to your hand, so you can play this on-curve if you want, instead of having to wait until you mostly empty your hand like with Experimental Frenzy.
    2. You are guaranteed two cards per turn, whereas with Experimental Frenzy, you could hit two dud lands in a row and be done with your fun.
    3. You can get this out a turn earlier. Sometimes Red Deck Wins has trouble getting up to 4 mana.
    4. Having multiple Theaters out nets you more cards per turn. Experimental Frenzy on the other hand is actually hurts you if multiple show up.
    5. The active ability of Theater not only turns itself on, but gets you closer to your win-con.
    6. Risk Factor becomes a REALLY tough choice: if they take the damage, you can play cards from exile. If they don't, they are giving you more gas in-hand. Either way, you win!

    I'm also trying out Risk Factors. I didn't like them in Red Deck Wins because they were too slow. But here, since they enable Spectacle or get you more reach, they might work phenomenally.

    You can also see that I've dropped with wizard-theme of Red Deck Wins in favor of things that support Spectacle. Namely, I replaced Ghitu Lavarunner with Footlight Fiend and Wizard's Lightning with Skewer the Critics.

    Depending on how the Meta goes, I might switch out Spawn of Mayhems for Goblin Chainwhirlers. As it stands, Chainwhirlers have a really restrictive mana cost and I think Judith will be able to wipe away smaller creatures just as effectively.

    For more traditional burn spells, I've opted for 2 Shocks and 2 Lava Coils (to deal with all the four toughness threats in the meta, as well as git rid of annoying recursion shenanigans that Golgari Midrange typically employs). If the meta shifts, I might replace these with any number of the burn spells in the Maybeboard.




    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Oct 18 — Oct 19).

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