Rebel without a Cause (Arena) (Standard)

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    This is a giant, stompy deck built for Arena. As an aggressive mid-range deck, it's meant to out-value Control Decks and out-race Aggro decks. This is by no means a budget deck -- you will have to craft several mythics and a plethora of rares to get this up and running, especially for the mana base.

    If you want to save a few cards, you can easily replace the Chromatic Lanterns for Draconic Disciples. You can also replace all the shock lands with gates.

    Mana Ramp is the name of the game here -- aside from your usual mana dorks, you have the Goreclaws, which are absolutely the MVP of the deck.The theme of the deck is "4 power". Goreclaw and Sarkhan's Unsealing both generate value from your BIG creatures. This will help you quickly out-pace your opponent (hopefully).

    Rhythm of the Wild is also an amazing card for the deck. If your opponent is wide open, you can jam in hard-to-stop damage by giving the creature haste. If your opponent has blockers up, you can out-arms-race them by beefing up your creatures. This enchantment also combos nicely with Incubation Druid, turning them "on" immediately.

    Speaking of enchantments, 2 Sarkhan's Unsealing are included in this list. If you can get them off, they are amazing. There are plenty of cards in the deck that proc the second stage of this card. With this, you can easily clear your opponent's board or send 4 directly to face! Ouch!

    Right now, the deck has 26 land in it (due to the hand-generator of Arena). However, if you think this is too much, kick the mana base down to 22 by taking out some of the basics and swapping them with other cards. I would add in 2 more Chromatic Lanturn and 2 Sunder Shaman. However, this is untested -- the deck is VERY mana greedy and needs all of it's colors to run.

    All of the "big" creatures serve a dual purpose - they are not just big for the sake of beating down your opponent. So even if they get removed, hopefully you got some value out of them!

    Doom Whisperer - For smoothing out card draws. Use the ability right before your draw step. Usually filters out land and mana dorks. Keep using the ability until you get something good.

    Carnage Tyrant - Hoses control decks. Basically can't be answered. Even without haste, you're almost guaranteed that he'll stick on board long enough to swing. Bonus: triggers the second stage of Sarkhan's Unsealing to wipe your opponent's board.

    Vaevictis Asmadi, the Dire - One of the two namesakes of the deck. He removes threats when he swings and also trades in your (by this time) useless lands and mana dorks for more value (hopefully). This card it kind of up to fate: this deck runs ONLY perminents, so you are gaurenteed to get something out of him. Your opponent, however... they could end up with a threat bigger than the one you just removed. Heart of the cards! The only drawback to Vaevictis is that he's SLOW! But hopefully you will be able to grant him haste with Rhythm of the Wild (loot ALL the things!)

    Etali, Primal Storm - The other namesake of the deck. Has a similar effect to Vaevictis: cheating out value onto your board. But again, he's mostly up to fate. Just like Vaevictis, he's SLOW!

    Darigaaz Reincarnated - This is one fast boi! Plus he procs Sarkhan's Unsealing! The reviving effect rarely every comes in useful, but it's there.

    Pelakka Wurm - Oh, feel that SWEET lifegain! Plus, if he's removed, it replaces itself in-hand. Nice! Oh yeah, and Sarkhan's Unsealing.

    Ghalta, Primal Hunger - This is one big, meaty boi! Mainly used to break stalled games by being all giant and stuff. Sometimes, you can get a DOUBLE PROC of Sarkhan's Unsealing with this stompy guy, since he can come out cheap late-game.




    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Oct 18 — Oct 19).

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