$10 Challenge - All Rares - Vehicular Manslaughter (Vintage)

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    This deck didn't get played because in my playtests it kept killing people way too fast. We had some people who wanted a slower format so I went with my enchanted cats instead.

    This is not a complicated deck. I thought about calling it Nascar, as a joke on "Go fast, turn left", with this being to turn right instead and either crew or attack basically every turn. Aethergeode Miner + Solemn Recruit is surprisingly solid. The all rares challenge setup for this one meant that there weren't really many disenchant effects running around so vehicles were a real beast to deal with. Heart of Kiran on 2 puts up serious work. Depala and Weatherlight make sure you keep drawing gas. 4 Impact Resonance work well at making your opponent's swings end poorly, since most aggro races aren't with creatures with huge toughness. Citywide Bust is also delicious in this deck, as none of the vehicles care and none of the creatures have any toughness to speak of normally.

    Also in building I found the super spicy combo of Spirit of the Labyrinth + Oblation, but I couldn't quite find room in the budget to fit it in here. If someone else wanted to make sacrifices for it I imagine it would be extremely punishing.


    Sideboard price: 3.15 € | $ 1.68

    This deck appears to be legal in Vintage.

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