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Atzocan SeerBotanical SanctumBrass's BountyCascading CataractsCast OutChanneler InitiateClifftop RetreatDrover of the MightyDrowned CatacombEtali, Primal StormEvolving WildsFetid PoolsField of RuinForestForestGilded LotusGlacial FortressGrow from the AshesHeroic InterventionHinterland HarborHour of PromiseIrrigated FarmlandIslandIslandIsolated ChapelJodah, Archmage EternalJourney to Eternity // Atzal, Cave of EternityJourney to Eternity // Atzal, Cave of EternityKarn's Temporal SunderingLay ClaimMirage MirrorMountainNezahal, Primal TideNicol Bolas, God-PharaohOasis RitualistPlainsPrimevals' Glorious RebirthProfane Procession // Tomb of the Dusk RoseProfane Procession // Tomb of the Dusk RoseProphetic PrismRaff Capashen, Ship's MageRevel in RichesRishkar's ExpertiseRootbound CragSaheeli's ArtistrySamut, Voice of DissentSandwurm ConvergenceScattered GrovesShalai, Voice of PlentySheltered ThicketSpell SwindleSulfur FallsSunbird's InvocationSunpetal GroveSwampTreasure Map // Treasure CoveTreasure Map // Treasure CoveUrza's Ruinous BlastVizier of Many FacesVraska, Relic SeekerWoodland CemeteryYawgmoth's Vile OfferingZacama, Primal Calamity