Muldrotha Revolt Superfriends (Standard)

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    What is better than playing planeswalkers? Playing lots of them. Again and again.

    Aid from the cowl + muldrotha, the gravetide are the key pieces in the deck. The synergy is synonymous. With our deck 100% permanents, aid from the cowl is a 100% hit as a card advantage engine. Talking about card advantage, check out muldrotha, the gravetide. We got a good mix of enchantments, artifacts, creatures, lands and planeswalkers to bring back from their self-sacrifice. Guess what, self-sacrifice also triggers revolt for aid from the cowl.

    Once we get our engine going, we get so much card advantage not just from our key cards but our planeswalkers too. To close out, tezzeret the schemer ultimate can turn all our artifacts into 5/5s or even Karn, scion of urza -2 ability for artifact beatdown. Even muldrotha, the gravetide herself is 6/6 to beat your opponent's face.

    With the playset of traveler's amulet and renegade map, we can afford to play only 20 lands even with 3 colors. Unbridled growth fixes, draws a card, trigger's revolt and is an enchantment count.

    We have a few self-mill in liliana, death's majesty and champion of the wits and liliana can reanimate muldotha, the gravetide.

    Sailor of means is not just a good blocker, but it can make us cast aid from the cowl on turn 4 with revolt trigger.
    Other utility cards trashing brontodon and banewhip punisher fills our 3 drops slots and are match dependent. When they are good, they are really good. When they are not, it is still a filler that can attack and block.

    Lands are straight forward. Play as much basic lands as possible due to the infinite search we can muster. Memorial folly can bring back our muldotha, the gravetide, and in turn can bring back memorial folly. Talk about synergy. Ipnu rivulet can be used as self-mill for more gas but can also mill the opponent which can be crucial in some cases.

    Sideboard still need some work and more playtest. More removals for aggro and arguel's blood fast and search for azcanta for control.

    All in all there is so much synergy this deck is awesome. Give it a try and any comments welcomed!


    Sideboard price: 68.73 € | $ 45.03

    This deck appears to have been legal in Standard (Season Apr 18 — Oct 18)!

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