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Adventuring Gear Amulet of Vigor Animate Dead Avenger of Zendikar Azusa, Lost but Seeking Baloth Woodcrasher Bane of Progress Birds of Paradise Blood Crypt Bloodstained Mire Bojuka Bog Careful Consideration City of Brass Codex Shredder Command Tower Compulsive Research Courser of Kruphix Crib Swap Crystal Quarry Cultivate Demonic Tutor Doomgape Elemental Bond Elemental Resonance Evolving Wilds Exotic Orchard Faithless Looting Far Wanderings Farseek Forest Forest Forest Forest Forest Foundry Champion Frontier Bivouac Garruk's Horde Golgari Rot Farm Grove Rumbler Gruul Turf Halimar Depths Harrow Hedron Crab Hell's Caretaker Horde of Notions Incandescent Soulstoke Island Island Island Island Island Island Kodama's Reach Lotus Cobra Maelstrom Wanderer Magus of the Bazaar Meloku the Clouded Mirror Mina and Denn, Wildborn Mindshrieker Mountain Mountain Mulldrifter Ob Nixilis, the Fallen Omnath, Locus of Rage Oracle of Mul Daya Pathbreaker Ibex Plains Plains Polluted Delta Primal Beyond Regrowth Reveillark Rubblehulk See the Unwritten Selesnya Sanctuary Shamanic Revelation Simic Growth Chamber Smokebraider Soul of the Harvest Splinterfright Sunpetal Grove Supreme Exemplar Swamp Sylvan Library Temple of Abandon Temple of Malady Temple of Mystery Temple of Plenty Temple of Triumph Temur Ascendancy Terramorphic Expanse Thirst for Knowledge Torrent Elemental Ulvenwald Hydra Voice of Resurgence Wave-Wing Elemental Wheel of Fortune Windfall Worldly Tutor Zendikar Resurgent