Soul's Surprise (Modern)

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    I've really wanted to build a Soul Flayer deck for some time. I believe the printing of Zetalpa has made it into a playable deck. Best case would be a turn 2 flying, indestructible, double strike, haste, monster possibly with lifelink and vigilance. Ive seen a bunch of lists and I am still currently testing this setup. For the control matchups Cavern of souls would be a good addition, but I am building the list out of cards that I currently own. Any opinions or comments are appreciated!

    1. Fetch/faithless looting discarding the 2 biggest keyword creatures you have. That's 4 in the graveyard.
    2. Delve a huge Flayer and commence the BEATS!

    Update 10/7/2018: I have rearranged/removed some of the cards that were a little janky, making the deck better suited to fight without having a soulflayer in hand. The flamewake phoenix is great to delve or bring back after a flayer has resolved, so I opted (lol) to drop the nighthawks in favor of Gifted Aetherborn. Find/Finality is a nice way to recover a binned flayer. This is close to my final iteration. As always I am interested in all opinions/suggestions. Thanks

    Update 11/15/2018: Having tested the deck more now, I have come to the conclusion that Sticher's Supplier is not good on any turn other than one. It does enable the turn 2 Flayer but throughout the rest of the game you do not want to draw me it just feels bad. So in lieu of them I have instead opted to go with lotleth troll which is a beater and a wincon on its own. Also the Flamewake phoenix(s) have been removed, although it is nice to be able to pay one and bring them out of the graveyard on top of them being a good Flayer target, in the mid to late game when you need a body to block they will not due to the clause that you have to attack every turn with them. I have replaced them with 2 Hazoret's and went up one land. The land can feel clunky at times so adding another source hopefully will even this out. The Hazoret's will win own there own, allow you to discard cards, and will give your flayer indestructible and haste. Let me know what you all think! Thanks


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    This deck does not appear to be legal in Modern.

    Problems: Faithless Looting is banned.

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