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AbradeAncestral RecallArid MesaBadlandsBaleful StrixBlackcleave CliffsBlood CryptBloodstained MireBonecrusher Giant // StompBrainstormBrazen Borrower // Petty TheftCascade BluffsChain LightningChandra, Torch of DefianceChart a CourseCollective BrutalityCounterspellCreeping Tar PitCryptic CommandDark ConfidantDarkslick ShoresDazeDig Through TimeDismemberDragonskull SummitDreadboreDreadhorde ArcanistDrowned CatacombDuressFatal PushFiery IsletFire // IceFlooded StrandForce of NegationForce of WillForked BoltGitaxian ProbeGlint-Sleeve SiphonerGo for the ThroatGurmag AnglerInquisition of KozilekIslandIslandIslandIslandIzzet CharmJace, Vryn's Prodigy // Jace, Telepath UnboundJace, Vryn's Prodigy // Jace, Telepath UnboundJace, the Mind SculptorKess, Dissident MageKolaghan's CommandLightning BoltLiliana of the VeilLiliana, the Last HopeLogic KnotMana DrainMana LeakMarsh FlatsMemory LapseMental NoteMiscalculationMisty RainforestMountainMystic SanctuaryNegateNight's WhisperOptPolluted DeltaPonderPreordainPrismatic VistaRemandRiver of TearsScalding TarnSerum VisionsShivan ReefSleight of HandSnapcaster MageSpell PierceSpell SnareSpirebluff CanalSteam VentsSulfur FallsSwampSwampTasigur, the Golden FangTerminateThe Royal ScionsThing in the Ice // Awoken HorrorThing in the Ice // Awoken HorrorThought ErasureThought ScourThoughtseizeTreasure CruiseUnderground RiverUnderground SeaVendilion CliqueVolcanic IslandWandering FumaroleWastelandWatery GraveYoung Pyromancer