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Arcane Denial Blasphemous Act Bojuka Bog Brainstorm Canyon Slough Chaos Warp Chromatic Lantern Command Tower Commander's Sphere Commit // Memory Counterflux Counterspell Crumbling Necropolis Cyclonic Rift Diabolic Tutor Dictate of Kruphix Dimir Signet Disallow Dragonskull Summit Dreadbore Drowned Catacomb Fate Unraveler Fellwar Stone Fetid Pools Fevered Visions Font of Mythos Forced Fruition Geier Reach Sanitarium Graven Cairns Grixis Panorama Howling Mine Incendiary Command Island Island Island Island Izzet Boilerworks Izzet Signet Jace Beleren Jace's Archivist Kami of the Crescent Moon Kess, Dissident Mage Khorvath's Fury Liliana's Caress Luxury Suite Magus of the Wheel Mana Confluence Master of the Feast Megrim Mikokoro, Center of the Sea Minds Aglow Molten Psyche Morphic Pool Mountain Mountain Mountain Mystic Confluence Mystical Tutor Nekusar, the Mindrazer Nightscape Familiar Nin, the Pain Artist Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Ponder Prosperity Psychosis Crawler Rakdos Carnarium Rakdos Charm Rakdos Signet Reforge the Soul Reliquary Tower Seizan, Perverter of Truth Shivan Reef Skyscribing Sol Ring Spiteful Visions Steam Vents Sulfur Falls Sunken Hollow Swamp Swamp Swamp Swan Song Talisman of Dominance Talisman of Indulgence Temple Bell Temple of Epiphany Terminate Terramorphic Expanse Thought Vessel Time Reversal Toil // Trouble Underworld Dreams Venser's Journal Waste Not Watery Grave Wheel and Deal Wheel of Fate Whispering Madness Windfall Winds of Change