Gana - Challenge deck Urza/Yawgmoth (HELP in construction)

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    Friends of the day Hello !!

    Here I wanted to try a little game, that of creating a magic deck around some cards. I took as context the history of the war dominaria vs phyrexia and especially the part urza vs phyrexia (well it's about the same thing I think?).
    In short, the goal is to take cards where urza, yawgmoth, tolarian academy and phyrexians are in the spotlight.

    This is a rather difficult exercise and the goal is not to make a deck ultra competitive but rather that runs smoothly and with a game mechanics interesting and fun thanks to the cards chosen.

    I preferred the map of the saga of urza but we can put any edition of the moment that it is in the theme urza / phyrexia. I think the game will be blue / black / art but we can change the colors.
    Simply the few cards I am based on are black and blue and known for their powers. The mechanics of the game and the majority of the cards are completely free, it's you who decide then make fun :)

    I like to mix two colors and one or two game mechanics (which can be complementary or contrast) for more diversity.

    Creating a deck with cards related to the urza vs phyrexia war. Main map to try to put (in descending order of importance):

    Yawgmoth's Will
    Yawgmoth's Bargain
    Mind Over Matter
    Phyrexian Arena
    Phyrexian Altar
    No Mercy
    Barrin, Master Wizard
    Rayne, Academy Chancellor
    Second Chance
    Tolarian Academy
    Phyrexian Obliterator
    Thran Golem
    Karn, Silver Golem
    Legacy Weapon

    So much for the important cards that I would like to see in the deck (especially the first five cards) the rest is completely up to the choice and reserve and there for those who like me would like to try but have no idea of ​​the type of card to put or even a game plan;)

    Have fun and good luck with this little challenge for the construction of a deck revolving around these few cards (the first ones on the list).

    Good evening friends !!


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