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Ashnod's Altar Beastmaster Ascension Blood Artist Butcher of Malakir Corpsejack Menace Crux of Fate Cryptolith Rite Cultivate Death Mutation Deathreap Ritual Diabolic Tutor Dictate of Erebos Doubling Season Druidic Satchel Explosive Vegetation Fertile Imagination Fungal Bloom Fungal Plots Fungal Sprouting Gaze of Granite Golgari Charm Golgari Cluestone Golgari Germination Golgari Signet Growing Rites of Itlimoc Harmonize Harrow Kodama's Reach Korozda Guildmage Life and Limb Morbid Bloom Mycoloth Night Soil Parallel Evolution Parallel Lives Plaguemaw Beast Primal Growth Primal Vigor Putrefy Rampant Growth Read the Bones Saproling Migration Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII Second Harvest Shamanic Revelation Skullclamp Slimefoot, the Stowaway Sol Ring Spidersilk Armor Spore Swarm Sporecrown Thallid Sporemound Sporoloth Ancient Sprout Swarm Thallid Omnivore Thallid Soothsayer Tragic Slip Verdant Embrace Verdant Force Zendikar Resurgent Zulaport Chainmage Zulaport Cutthroat