Plow me under (Modern)

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    The goal of this deck is to slow the opponent down with land destruction/land top-decking, and either poke them to death with dorks and Eternal Witness, or completely lock them out using Primal Command + Eternal Witness + Stampeding Serow.

    Card Explanations:
    Cloudthresher is a very large threat that clears away small fliers and can block just about anything in the format. Lingering Souls tokens, some spirits, Affinity creatures, all fliers with 2 or less toughness rarely expect to survive when Cloudthresher lands. It's reach lets it block large grounded creatures or flying, and because it has Flash, you can surprise that Tarmogoyf aiming at your face on a supposedly 'empty' board. When he lands, making him connect with the opponent's life total becomes the new win conditon. Primal Command and Plow Under are then tools at making him unable to be answered, as your opponent can no longer draw an answer.

    Plow Under and Primal Command are two key tools in the deck that force your opponent to redraw their own lands, not only putting them behind on mana, but also making their draws useless, essentially time walking them. Primal Command in particular forms a soft loop with Eternal Witness, where Command forces a land back on top and fetches a witness, witness recurs Command, command topdecks land, finds witness, loop till out of witnesses.

    Stampeding Serow is probably one of the weirder looking cards in the deck, but it is very powerful. It sets up a soft lock with Acidic Slime, where you get to destroy a land each turn by bouncing the Slime, and a hard lock with Eternal Witness, where you force a land on top of their deck and do whatever other mode you want.

    Bramblecrush vs Reclaiming Vines: Before people start saying, "Isn't Bramblecrush just better?", it's not. Reclaiming Vines kills artifact and enchantment creatures as well, and will always kill manlands like Mutavault. Mutavault won't die to Bramblecrush if they man it up in response, as it is now a creature. Reclaiming Vines doesn't care, it still destroys it. Previously, I ran 3 Vines, but due to the concerns over Jace coming back to the meta, I've opted to switch to a 2-1 split in Bramblecrush's favor.

    An older version of this deck got 3rd place at an IQ for SCG.


    Sideboard price: 58.75 € | $ 43.65

    This deck appears to be legal in Modern!

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