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AbundanceAtarka MonumentBanefireBasalt MonolithBlackblade ReforgedBlast ZoneBorborygmos EnragedBurnished HartCinder GladeClan DefianceCommand TowerCourser of KruphixCreeping RenaissanceCultivateDecimateDestructive RevelryDomri, Anarch of BolasDryad of the Ilysian GroveEmbermaw HellionEvolving WildsExplorationExplosive VegetationFlamekin VillageForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestForestGhost QuarterGilded LotusGratuitous ViolenceGroundskeeperGrove of the BurnwillowsGruul KeyruneGruul SignetGruul TurfHanweir BattlementsHanweir GarrisonHedron ArchiveHornet QueenHydra OmnivoreIllusionist's BracersInto the WildsJaya, Venerated FiremageJourney of DiscoveryKeen SenseKenrith's TransformationKessig Wolf RunKnollspine DragonKodama's ReachLife from the LoamLightning GreavesLotus BloomMina and Denn, WildbornMind StoneMountainMountainMountainMountainMultani, Yavimaya's AvatarMyriad LandscapeNissa's PilgrimageNissa, Vastwood Seer // Nissa, Sage AnimistNissa, Vastwood Seer // Nissa, Sage AnimistNissa, Who Shakes the WorldNylea's InterventionPath of DiscoveryPeregrinationPraetor's CounselPurphoros, Bronze-BloodedRanger's GuileReflecting PoolReforge the SoulRootbound CragSamut, the TestedSeek the HorizonSheltered ThicketSlab HammerSnake UmbraSol RingSpire GardenStomping GroundTemple of AbandonTemple of the False GodTerrain GeneratorTerramorphic ExpanseThaumatic Compass // Spires of OrazcaThaumatic Compass // Spires of OrazcaThran DynamoTireless TrackerVivien ReidWayfarer's BaubleWooded FoothillsWrenn and Six