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Abhorrent OverlordArcane LighthouseBarren MoorBlack Sun's ZenithBloodgift DemonBojuka BogBone SplintersBurnished HartButcher of MalakirCabal StrongholdCarnifex DemonChainer's TormentCharcoal DiamondCommand TowerCommander's SphereCrook of CondemnationCrypt GhastCrypt of AgadeemCrypt of the EternalsCurse of the CabalDagger of the WorthyDark BargainDemon of Death's GateDemon of Wailing AgoniesDemonlord BelzenlokDesecration DemonDiabolic EdictDisciple of BolasDread CacodemonDread ReturnDunes of the DeadDutiful ReturnEater of HopeEvergladesExecutioner's CapsuleExtractor DemonFated ReturnFellwar StoneFinal PartingGhost QuarterGhoulcaller GisaGilded LotusGrave TitanGray Merchant of AsphodelHarvester of SoulsImplement of MaliceIndulgent TormentorJet MedallionKheru BloodsuckerLashwritheMagus of the CoffersMalicious AfflictionManalithMemorial to FollyMind StoneMutilateMyriad LandscapeNecromantic SelectionNefarox, Overlord of GrixisOb Nixilis ReignitedOb Nixilis of the Black OathOb Nixilis, UnshackledOb Nixilis, the FallenOverseer of the DamnedPerpetual TimepiecePestilence DemonPolluted MireProfane CommandRaving DeadRazaketh, the FoulbloodedReaper from the AbyssRite of BelzenlokRogue's PassageSettle the ScoreShriekmawSilence the BelieversSkirsdag High PriestSol RingSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwampSwiftfoot BootsTendrils of CorruptionThe Eldest RebornTormod's CryptTragic SlipTraveler's AmuletVicious OfferingVictim of NightVictimizeWake the DeadWithout WeaknessXathrid Demon

Blackblade ReforgedCabal PaladinJosu Vess, Lich KnightLich's MasteryLingering PhantomUrgoros, the Empty OneWhisper, Blood LiturgistYawgmoth's Vile Offering